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  1. cursor position in editbox after callback


    In our programs we are using a callback routine to check if the input is an integer value. So when a character (or a dot etc.) is entered an error beep is generated ...

  2. clSetMemObjectDestructorCallback calls callback with invalid ...


    24 ago 2013 ... When the callback is called, however, and I want to query the cl_mem, which is passed to the callback by the API, I sometimes get an error code ...

  3. Callback functions with c#


    Nov 28, 2008 ... Hi, My collegue posted a topic a few days ago regarding returning strings from c# , however the discussion didn't really go in the direction we ...

  4. 请教crosswalk-cordova callback问题


    2015年8月12日 ... dear all: 1)使用crosswalk-cordova-16.44.385.0-arm 以share mode方式常见工程 2)plugman install --platform android --project bbb --plugin ...

  5. QuickAssist: polling RSA operations


    21 set 2015 ... I believe I have the option between receiving an interrupt callback or polling for ... method to avoid the context switching of the interrupt callback.

  6. addEventListener scroll not working?


    21 ago 2015 ... addEventListener("scroll", callback, false); function callback(){ alert("Scrolling"); } This wont however work. All the other addEventListeners ...

  7. Prompt command failed [ Cordova ]


    28 set 2015 ... Command : navigator.notification.prompt( 'Please enter your name', // message onPrompt, // callback to invoke 'Registration', // title ['Ok','Exit'], ...

  8. Ajax calls not reporting correct status in Android App Preview


    24 apr 2015 ... I make an Ajax call to a page that returns a HTTP 403 response, but the status code in the JQuery Ajax callback is 200. To be clear, this only ...

  9. MKL Data fitting, log-linear interpolation


    Hence a callback function is performed for each interval of the integration. This is ... routine without callback mechanism in your specific spline usage scenario?

  10. missing emulation for that API


    6 lug 2015 ... Push the Fail button to continue the API by calling the fail callback. Push the Success button to continue the API by calling the success callback.

  11. Cordova Ajax cut URL short [Solved]


    Feb 27, 2015 ... ... is sent to the webservice is correctly formatted. In the Cordova Android build, my url is missing the data parameters after the callback in the link.

  12. Menu item in a Dialog Box


    4) Install the menu callback similar to button callback: USE XEFFORT ret = XSetCommand(Dlg, IDC_MENU1, onMenuClick) ... SUBROUTINE OnMenuClick( Dlg ...

  13. Catmull-Clark subdivision


    31 ago 2015 ... The displacement callback function is called for a number of points on the smooth catmull clark subdivision surfaces. The callback function can ...

  14. Connect application with MYSQL


    30 apr 2015 ... 08, //Success callback. 09, function CallBackS(uniqueid,data){ ... 08, //Success callback. 09, function CallBackS(uniqueid,data){ ...

  15. Intel RealSense SDK – Stream video | Intel® Developer Zone


    10 ott 2015 ... La gestione con callback prevede la possibilità di impostare, in una proprietà della PXCMSenseManager, un handler ad una funzione che ...

  16. intel xdk SSL (API Secure


    alert("success callback is called, instance id is: "+instanceID); }, .... Can you modify line 41(the fail callback) with the following and paste the content of the alert ...

  17. Italiano



  18. MPI_Comm_spawn fails if called concurrently


    Jan 16, 2014 ... ... assert (!closed) failed [mpiexec@capp1] HYDT_dmxu_poll_wait_for_event (./ tools/demux/demux_poll.c:77): callback returned error status

  19. problem when multiple MPI versions installed


    hydra\tools\demux\demux_select.c (100): callback returned error status [mpiexec @N01] ..\hydra\pm\pmiserv\pmiserv_pmci.c (501): error waiting for event

  20. RealSense - Esempi di codice di Intel® RealSense™ SDK | Intel ...


    29 mag 2015 ... L'esempio Emotion with Callback ha la stessa funzionalità dell'esempio Emotion, ma con un'implementazione diversa. Mostra come utilizzare i ...

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