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  1. How to debug Fortran MPI app in Visual Studio?


    Hello!I'm porting a Fortran MPI app to Windows CCS. The code crashes with a stack error. It could be something simple but I tried to debug it in VS and setup a ...

  2. How to Debug "step into" Fortran subroutine from C#


    I have an x64 C# app that successfully calls an x64 subroutine in a DLL. Yet I cant use Debug tostep into the Fortran. The two projects are in the same "solution ".

  3. I can't compile or debug my Fortran code in Parallel Studio


    I just finished installing Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011. It is supposed to be a fortran compiler that works with Microsoft Visual Studio. I am trying to debug a Fortran ...

  4. Not able to debug in to Fortran Static library code


    21 set 2015 ... My environment: VS2013 and Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 I've a C++ ... But I could not debug into the Fortran static library code.

  5. Export Fortran arrays during debug in Visual Studio 2012 - Fortran ...


    9 ore fa ... The export should be done during the debug, of course when the code is stopped in an interruption point. I know if I go with the mouse on the ...

  6. Debugging a fortran DLL using a *.exe compiled with Delphi 6


    I am trying to debug a Fortran DLL(compiled with the intel Visual Fortran 11.1)in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008environment using a *.exe compiled with Delphi  ...

  7. Fortran PARAMETERs shown twice in debugger


    7 feb 2015 ... When a Fortran program containing PARAMETER declarations is compiled with the /Zi /debug-parameters:used options, the parameters are ...

  8. Fee.dll terribly slows down the debugger


    After this we all are experiencing unbearable slowdowns when debugging the code. Whenever we try to debug Fortran or even just have a Fortran module on ...

  9. Debugging Fortran MPI codes in VS2012 and Intel MPI


    Is there any solution? Or is there a proper or better way to debug Fortran MPI codes in VS2012 and Intel MPI? Btw, running thru command line works. Thanks.

  10. Studio XE Composer Edition 2015 breaks C# debugging in VS 2015


    Hello, After installing Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows 2015, I notice that debugging C# is flawed in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise ...

  11. Error code 23 (returned by OpenValidateX) opening pdb Debug ...


    Sep 1, 2015 ... I'm getting "Error code 23 (returned by OpenValidateX) opening pdb Debug\ vc140.pdb" on every Fortran file during the compile when I try to do ...

  12. assigning input file to stdin when debugging fortran in intel visual ...


    27 lug 2015 ... I want to run a fortran code in debug mode in visual studio. the code reads input from stdin (unif 5). I would like it to read from an input file.

  13. How to debug core dumps and segmentation faults with ifort compiler


    17 giu 2015 ... As a newbie to ifort and fortran 90 how do I go about debugging segmentation faults and core dumps ? I prefer a command line utility if one is ...

  14. fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile module


    Turning debugging to none under the Fortran section of the project settings does allow the debug config to build, but that obviously defeats the purpose.

  15. Unable to see variable value during debug in VS 2012 with Intel 2015


    Hi, I tried to access a variable and check its value during debug in VS 2012 with Intel 2015 ... This was different in older MS Visual Studio / Intel Fortran editions.

  16. How is to specify debug target?


    I would like to debug programs written in visual studio. However, whenever I ... BTW, I'm using "Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE2013 with Microsoft Visual Studio"

  17. Linking problems in release mode


    I have a program which links without problems in debug mode but it fails horribly ... Since then I have installed Visual Studio 2010 and Fortran version 12.0 but ...

  18. watch variables values in debug mode


    Hello, I want to watch values of vDataType(i), in debugging mode when the ... It sounds as if the Fortran debug expression evaluator is not working for you.

  19. Error when build Fortran Project in Xcode


    I tried to use Xcode to debug as there is some issue with memory management,. this is my first time to use Xcode for Fortran project, I have followed instruction.

  20. Cannot used optimization O3 in debug mode?


    Hello all, I have a fortran code using XE-12 on windows with dual core intel ... I wanted to debug it but when I try to build the O3 on debug mode it gives the ...

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