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  1. How well is the depth image resolution? - Intel® Developer Zone


    Hi all! I'm now working on my research by using this new camera and i really want to know the minimum distance that this camera be able to differentiate two ...

  2. Spacial resolution - Intel® Developer Zone


    22 mag 2015 ... What's the accuracy of these distances ? (3 sigma error in mm, or any other way to specify it) Does ... Z(depth) accuracy is less than 1mm. Inizio.

  3. creative 3D camera calibration and accuracy


    18 apr 2014 ... Need this camera calibrate? the accuracy seems bad. ... (focal length, distortion cofficients) should be calibrate to improve the depth accuracy.

  4. detailed specifications of the sensor - Intel® Developer Zone


    29 mag 2015 ... There are other threads looking for details of depth resolution and accuracy. Do you have that information? BTW your link to Creative has a ...

  5. Italiano - Intel® Developer Zone


    Dec 19, 2012 ... What is accuracy of "time entity" for video and depth frames (temporal ... Or output of video and depth sensors completely independent? 4.

  6. Riconoscimenti e contributi - Intel® Developer Zone


    Argomento del forum, Depth Accuracy and reliability across different f200 sensors ... Argomento del forum, method of depth perception and access to low- level ...

  7. Body Scaning


    May 6, 2015 ... hello I would like to use intel realsense camera as a depth sensor for ... You can try Edison board, but accuracy while transferring the data is a ...

  8. Optimising Facial Recognition Accuracy - Intel® Developer Zone


    Feb 7, 2014 ... We're wanting to see how well we can push the accuracy of the algorithm. With this ... The recognition is not using any of the depth data. So 3D ...

  9. Thread Profiler hangs/freezes - Intel® Developer Zone


    Adjust dbghelp's depth to "2"or "3" sincestandard mutex APIwaswrapped by your code. ... Accuracy/Performance Trade-offs: Record using dbghelp depth=5.

  10. Suggestion for tool-tip when configuring analysis type in Inspector XE


    2) "Stack frame depth:" do not show any tool-tip ever, all settings should have one . ... 5) Consistency; Rephrase settings to increase accuracy of detection when ...

  11. Gesture Detector problem with custom depth image data


    ... libs when using the gesture detector in combination with custom depth images. ... already very good results regarding detection accuracy although my custom ...

  12. Converting depth into 3D world coordinates intel real sense


    Jul 1, 2015 ... Hi, I am trying to get 3D (x, y, z) coordinates from the depth image using ... to the accuracy of the camera or some problems with my calculations.

  13. Finger IDs are unreliable... (very)


    Omek Grasp is not a camera - it is middleware that runs on top of a depth ... about detecting fine gesture or hand signs, the accuracy of the actual finger identity is ...

  14. method of depth perception and access to low-level functions - Intel ...


    Mar 9, 2015 ... We are trying to re-create blood oxygenation in depth in 3-D (i.e. upto a ... for different levels of accuracy, and how "stretched" is the pattern).

  15. Object_track - Intel® Developer Zone


    19 gen 2015 ... I tried to track an object, and the XY plane, and the depth of the z value. ... These floating values has severely affected the accuracy of tracking ...

  16. Understanding redistribution issues with the PercSDK?


    Obviously such apps can't use features requiring depth perception, etc., but .... and therefore provide inherently better performance or accuracy in that use case ?

  17. Utility for changing laser camera parameters (IVCAM v0.5)


    Display depth, XYZ (color coded), or IR streams in real time while you are ... Accuracy: This parameter changes between 3 types of projected patterns, from ...

  18. Is there a remedy for interference between multiple RealSense ...


    Mar 18, 2015 ... ... two RealSense cameras interfere and the quality of the depth image ... You can change it by changing the Accuracy parameter of the IR ...

  19. making a program run faster... - Intel® Developer Zone


    ... number of coded instructions and the pay-off is multiplied by the depth of the loop and ... All such intrinsic functions are programmed to give machine accuracy .

  20. Argomenti del forum attivi - Intel® Developer Zone


    Argomento normale, Acquiring depth data (outputting to file) di Vincent Z. il ... Argomento normale, Voice Recognition accuracy for non-word speech di Anubhav ...

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