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  1. Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator Forum (Archived)


    Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator Forum (Archived). Annunci. Join the discussion, ask for support and offer feedback on this evolving online tool that quickly and ...

  2. Encapsulator


    25 ott 2012 ... I just tried to create a new MSI file from our new AIR file like before...and the encapsulator is only accepting zip files of web pages.

  3. Nuovo Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha! | Intel® Developer Zone


    30 mag 2012 ... Il team di Intel AppUpTM ha da poco rilasciato la versione 2.0 alpha di Encapsulator, il tool che permette di realizzare applicazioni desktop ...

  4. Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator Forum (Archived)


    26 ott 2012 ... The encapsulator 2.0 can play the same sound multiple times? ... our new AIR file like before...and the encapsulator is only accepting zip files of ...

  5. AJAX & CORS


    10 lug 2012 ... Hi all, I'm playing with the encapsulator 2 and the debugger. In my HTML5 app I query my server for giving something usefull to the user, but ...

  6. Official Intel Support on Unity or Flash CS5 Professional for AppUp


    27 apr 2011 ... Mean while http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/encapsulator-beta ... blog on how to create apps for appup from Flash using Encapsulator Tool.

  7. Repeat sound make app crashes


    26 ott 2012 ... The encapsulator 2.0 can play the same sound multiple times? The first code I've used it this: when load object var sound = new Audio(); ...

  8. Taking a fished flash game in AS3 through adobe AIR to meeGo


    9 mar 2011 ... AppUp encapsulator currently builds MeeGo apps against the ... you may be able to use the AppUp™ Encapsulator Alpha to wrap your files.

  9. HTML5/Javascript: How Do We Detect When User Presses the ...


    3 mag 2012 ... In an HTML5/Javascript app built with Encapsulator 1.0, how do we detect when the user presses the app window's Close (X) button (at the ...

  10. Support for Tizen?


    30 gen 2012 ... A Tizen source code and SDK preview was recently released. Are there any plans to support the Tizen platform in Encapsulator?

  11. Tentative timeline for availability of Flash SDK


    I guess currently we have only choice of using encapsulator for Flash apps but ... AppUp encapsulator currently builds MeeGo apps against the netbook profile.

  12. bcrypt.dll is not found


    6 set 2012 ... After transforming the app using Encapsulator, we've tried installing it on Win XP, Win 7 Professional. On Win 7 when I run the application, ...

  13. Reminder: Validation required to win prizes in Intel AppUp ...


    Dec 19, 2011 ... Here are a few tips: Use time-saving tools The Intel AppUp® encapsulator service makes it simple to package a Web app into a downloadable ...

  14. HMTL5 support for Windows XP Embedded systems


    5 nov 2012 ... Not sure if I understand your question. do you mean if you can wrap up your html5 app using Intel AppUp encapsulator and runs on WinXP ...

  15. How to submit MeeGo application after submiting .MSI application


    8 feb 2012 ... ... the MeeGo application as well, or is there any different process for submitting the MeeGo application(Created in Encapsulator)? thanks.

  16. .NET Application Lab, Norman Chou, Intel


    30 set 2010 ... Thanks a lot, Norm and Raghev (?) for walking me through the encapsulator process (and building a LocalStorage web app) during the open ...

  17. How to create an Intel App with msi file or with some Folders


    4 gen 2012 ... Hi, I want to create an Intel App. Using this URL http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en- us/encapsulator-beta. Go to 'Make your App' tab. In that i m ...

  18. Adobe AIR* (Archived)


    Mar, 22/11/2011 - 12:26. Argomento normale, Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator Beta tool for packaging AIR apps to MSI di praveen-kundurt... Mer, 14/09/2011 - 14:42  ...

  19. Lascia un commento


    5 ago 2012 ... Additionally, there is another software developer who posted a solution for a similar situation as yours while using Intel AppUp(R) Encapsulator ...

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