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  1. Dynamic rigid body with complex compound shape


    hkpMoppBvTreeShape is faster in narrow phase (~5-10ms), but when object is moving in empty space (no other objects at all), it's quite slow (~5-10ms). Why is ...

  2. Raycast and simulation problems with scaled mopp shapes?


    Dec 4, 2008 ... hkpMoppBvTreeShape* pMoppShape = new ... pDstChildShape = NULL; const hkpMoppBvTreeShape* pSrcShape = static_cast(pShape);

  3. Shape penetrated by hkpCharacterProxy - Intel® Developer Zone


    5. Mai 2014 ... I load a mesh and convert it to hkpMoppBvTreeShape(no simplify). code as follow: hkpSimpleMeshShape* storageMeshShape = new ...

  4. #define HK_CLASSES_FILE <Common/Serialize/Classlist ...


    ... <Physics/Collide/Shape/Compound/Tree/Mopp/hkpMoppBvTreeShape.h> # include <Physics/Collide/Shape/Compound/Collection/List/hkpListShape.h> ...

  5. Per-triangle friction - Intel® Developer Zone


    Nov 12, 2008 ... I use hkpMoppBvTreeShape (from hkpExtendedMeshShape) for ... for bounding volume of hkpMoppBvTreeShape and this value is always the ...

  6. hkpMeshMaterial problem - Intel® Developer Zone


    Apr 7, 2009 ... Hey, I've been struggling to get materials work with hkpMoppBvTreeShape / hkpExtendedMeshShape to no avail, I've read all the material ...

  7. Havok bv tree objects - Intel® Developer Zone


    I'd recommend taking a look at the hkpMoppBvTreeShape, and how to build it. ... wrapped by this hkpMoppBvTreeShape since the extended mesh shape will ...

  8. [0x2F7B7CD9] Assert: Child shape key is too big.


    Jan 9, 2015 ... The shape has 2 child shapes: one hkpMoppBvTreeShape (a little house) and a hkpTriSampledHeightFieldBvTreeShape wrapped around a ...

  9. How to tag mesh subparts with external material indices


    Jun 27, 2009 ... hkpMoppBvTreeShape* moppShape = new hkpMoppBvTreeShape(m_mesh, m_code); will moppShape differ at all if the materials in m_mesh ...

  10. Collision Meshes for Complex indoor levels - Intel® Developer Zone


    Jan 11, 2012 ... Also I suppose memory footprint is better.b) Use an alternative tohkpExtendedMeshShape +hkpMoppBvTreeShape or just learn how to tweak ...

  11. Scaling extended mesh to match d3d model


    I'm looking for a way to scale my terrain's rigid body (which is loaded in from a . hkt file as a hkpMoppBvTreeShape) to match the size of the d3d ...

  12. How can I set hkStepInfo? - Intel® Developer Zone


    Jan 5, 2010 ... After compiling the shape(arena) to hkpMoppBvTreeShape, the ... 100 character proxies with arena(the hkpMoppBvTreeShape) at 20Hz.

  13. mesh rigidbody drawing


    m_enableChunkSubdivision = false; hkpMoppCode* code = hkpMoppUtility:: buildCode( extendedMesh ,mci); hkpMoppBvTreeShape* ...

  14. Mopping my Landscapes


    Aug 20, 2008 ... After the level is created, I was going tocompile all of mycity entities into an hkpMoppBvTreeShape for use in the actual game. My questions:

  15. #pragma once #include "DXUT.h" #include "SDKsound.h" //#include ...


    ... #include <Physics/Collide/Shape/Convex/Sphere/hkpSphereShape.h> # include <Physics/Collide/Shape/Compound/Tree/Mopp/hkpMoppBvTreeShape.h > ...

  16. Terrain on GPU how to interact.


    May 9, 2010 ... ... application, you might want to use either a hkpMoppBvTreeShape (wrapping a hkpExtendedMeshShape), a hkpSampledHeightFieldShape, ...

  17. runtime generation of mesh collision


    Oct 26, 2010 ... You could improve runtime performance significantly by building moppcode and wrapping your mesh shape with an hkpMoppBvTreeShape, ...

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