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  1. Can not import html sources after XDK update


    1 ott 2015 ... Every time I try to import (Import your html code base option) new html sources ( e.g. ionic project, github sample) I got an error "Unknown error ...

  2. Could we put every html pages(html,js,img,...) on server?


    29 set 2015 ... In xdk, index.html just redirects to the backend server index.html? The apk just acts like a web browser. I think this method can take use of the ...

  3. Application Error on seperate html pages


    My pages are separate html pages. In my example I have the normal generated index.html page then I also have a login.html page. I have tried starting the page  ...

  4. How do you develop your HTML Multi-platform APP in XDK


    Sep 8, 2015 ... Hi Hopefully a quick question. Trying to understand developers preference You need to develop a simple HTML app that has several screens ...

  5. Minimizing html


    7 mag 2015 ... I have an html5 app developed using App Framework 2 and XDK. It runs fine on Android using a Crosswalk build, The index.html file contains ...

  6. index.html is blank


    17 ago 2015 ... Is it possible to restore the index.html file? XDK was crashed and after restart XDK I was surprised that a .js file is fine but the index.html is blank ...

  7. HTML 5


    3 nov 2013 ... I am new to HTML 5 and using XDK for development. my app is supposed to take user input in form of game details, store them in a database ...

  8. html


    2015年8月5日 ... 在web编写中的经常会遇到,数据需要分页的情况。当数据量不是很大的时候。 可以 直接使用js来分页。可以很好的提高性能。简化代码。数据量大的 ...

  9. Intel(R) Perceptual Computing SDK Documentation


    Color images (IMAGE_TYPE_COLOR). COLOR_FORMAT_YUY2. The YUY2 color format. See fourcc.org for the description and memory layout.

  10. Cordova Plugin for Construct 2 and HTML 5 users


    Cordova Plugin for Construct 2 and HTML 5 users. Tabrez s. Sab, 09/05/2015 - 10:39. Hi All,. Here i wants to share some help ful resouces with you all to ...

  11. Intel XDK index.html not detected during live preview


    1 mar 2015 ... It states "Open an HTML file or make sure there is an index.html in your project in order to launch live preview.". At your earliest convenience ...

  12. Keep getting "Intel XDK can't find index.html file" in Emulator


    Aug 12, 2015 ... When I try the Hello sample app and switch to the EMulator tab, I get the message "404 Intel XDK cannot find index.html". I ve searched the ...

  13. HTML5: disegno con l'elemento canvas | Intel® Developer Zone


    18 nov 2011 ... Prima dell'introduzione dell'elemento canvas in HTML, la creazione di immagini grafiche dinamiche in una pagina Web comportava per gli ...

  14. Version 1912 - index.html not found


    15 apr 2015 ... Unfortunately, issue with missing index.html when running emulator is still there ( https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/549523).

  15. how to configuration html 5 and unity fo game


    how to configuration html 5 and unity fo game. iwan Ali. Lun, 27/04/2015 - 22:23. my be this , very good if can do it... good Tool intel xdk. RSS Inizio. 2 post / 0 ...

  16. HTML audio player unable to play MP3 files.


    19 apr 2015 ... So I have for a day or two now tried to get the standard HTML audio player to play MP3 files in Intel XDK. My folders are structured like this:

  17. Cross Domain AJAX call in HTML hybrid application for native ...


    6 apr 2015 ... Hi I am building an app , which calls the google api to load some data from google. I am making an ajax request using the jquery $ajax() ...

  18. On certain devices javascript files don't load if included in html ...


    Mar 9, 2015 ... I'm trying to port an existing HTML5 webapp to iOS and android tablets using intel -xdk, while maintaining as much as possible of the original ...

  19. Version 1816: "net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" breaking project


    I receive these errors: GET file:///F:/Development/Intel/XDK/xdk/public/pages/main .html net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND. For some reason XDK is now looking for ...

  20. When trying to build my app I am getting a could not read file error


    12 mag 2015 ... Is there a limit to the number of html pages you can use? ... I want to see whats going on, and I dont have 700 html files laying around :) thanks.

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