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  1. Which parallelization library to use for realtime processing?


    Jun 2, 2015 ... If the data is not delivered in time, bad things happen. ... means that the CPU was at 100% despite pretty small improvement in performance.

  2. pause instruction doesn't seem to reduce cpu usage / elect ...


    Mar 2, 2015 ... pause instruction doesn't seem to reduce cpu usage / elect consumption ... Even repeated x3000 (yes, a lot) it still shows no improvement. ... to finely grain the time one would wait without relying on a system call which is slow.

  3. H264 CPU Usage


    Jul 13, 2009 ... These are my current encoder settings. ... With these settings I get >50% CPU usage on a Pentuim D 2.80Ghz, is this to be expected? ... this is an improvement it is still obvously an unaceptable amount of CPU to be using on a ...

  4. Best CPU for intensive programming and comprarisions with ...


    Best CPU for intensive programming and comprarisions with Integers with VS.Net .... SSDs make a big difference for compilation time vs a traditional hard-drive in my experience. ... Would removing them improve over-all development time?

  5. Slow H264 encoding - How to speed up?


    My goal is to encode 1280x720 at 30fps at >= 1mbps for live conferencing. ... a feeling the slow frame compression time has nothing to do with CPU ability. ... me like this will require changes to the encoder to get the performance improvement  ...

  6. Image processing and threading


    Or should i do something like image slicing perhaps to improve on this? .... be a good start, would be to actually USE the processing capability of my 4 core CPU.

  7. Huge overhead and spin time: openmp worker clone


    Jul 31, 2014 ... Profiling my codes, I observed some curiously large overhead and spin time, ... In the summary page, it shows : CPU time: 420.6s, Overhead time: 0.3s ... Increase more workload in parallel OMP region, and reduce wait time.

  8. Concurrency Problem with Intel MKL BLAS


    Sep 14, 2011 ... The time required for solving increases erratically with the increase in number of threads. ... MKL_NUM_THREADS=iendThe CPU usage is in accordance with ... I am linking my program as :ifort -fp-model source ParaQMR.f90 ...

  9. About GMA 500 Driver Development


    So you see we are working to improve GMA 500 driver and no need to pressurize .... Drivers is close-source and has many bugs and poor performance. .... ...and still wonder if you're doing it rightbecause the CPU utilization is still so high and ...

  10. Using Intel Quick Sync on MAC OSX


    18 set 2014 ... What should i need to do if i want to develop a video application which ... would use QSV to have good performances with low CPU usage ?

  11. Configuring cache partitioning; how?


    Jul 31, 2014 ... ... "A Hardware Evaluation of Cache Partitioning to Improve Utilization and ... a high scheduler priority foreground and low scheduler priority background task ... Simply by pinning the favored application to one CPU and the ...

  12. HEVC Decoder Multicore Performance


    22 giu 2015 ... So I'd expect near 100% CPU usage, but I see only 50% and running two ... Hi Stephan, you may try sample_decoder to check how to improve ...

  13. Runing linpack with native mode


    08, Number of CPUs: 1 //Number of host cpu ... 1, # USAGE NOTES: This script should be uploaded to MIC and executed there, NOT on host CPU. ... But I only got 887Gflops with 7120p, any suggestion to improve it? view sourceprint?

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