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  1. ICC generates position-dependent code for a library?!


    Nov 4, 2009 ... My lib is a static one, compiled with the Intel compiler 10.1 and the base ... icc should observe the same options as gcc for generating pic code.

  2. mdynamic-no-pic | Intel® Developer Zone


    Build, Run and Debug an Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus Program. Set Worker .... C/C++ Calling Conventions; Compiler Options. Introduction to ...... mdynamic-no-pic.

  3. Using Intel® MKL in Intel® Compiler - mkl, Qmkl options | Intel ...


    Jun 8, 2011 ... mkl, Qmkl was introduced in Intel Compiler 11.1. ... The Intel® Compiler option “- mkl”, “Qmkl” options provide users a ... Ying H (Intel)'s picture.

  4. Building NetCDF* with the Intel® compilers | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jan 23, 2013 ... A guide to help Intel® Fortran Compiler customers build the NetCDF software ... to select the compilers and compiler options to use when building NetCDF. ... 6, export FFLAGS= '-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -mdynamic-no-pic' ...

  5. Building zlib* with Intel® compilers | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jan 5, 2011 ... Version Information zlib 1.2.7Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* 13.0 Update 1 If you are using an ... on a non-Intel compatible processor, drop the '-xHost' option from the options shown below. ... Ronald W Green (Intel)'s picture ...

  6. ifort(1) Intel(R) Fortran Compiler Options ifort(1)


    The ifort command takes the following options: -1 Tells the compiler to execute at least one itera ...... The compiler driver adds option -fpic to implement the PIC.

  7. ICC(1)


    Note: The icpc command uses the same compiler options as the icc com- mand. ... The Intel(R) C++ Compiler options that affect gcc* interoperability include: ... Mac OS Options -fpermissive see Language Options -f[no-]pic see Miscellaneous  ...

  8. Compiling R 3.1.1 with MKL - undefined reference to symbol ...


    Sep 4, 2014 ... Hello, I need to compile R with shared library (--enable-R-shlib) in order to ... /opt/ intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.3.174/compiler/lib/intel64/libiomp5.so: .... to build static libraries... no checking for gfortran option to produce PIC.

  9. How to use Intel® Compiler OpenMP* Compatibility Libraries on ...


    Aug 2, 2012 ... The Intel® Compilers provide an OpenMP* runtime library to enable mixed Microsoft Visual C++* and ... runtime, you can use the following option with 11.x compiler to link with the legacy libraries: ... Sergey Kostrov's picture.

  10. Building Open MPI* with the Intel® compilers


    Oct 25, 2011 ... As shown above, the configure options CC, CXX, and FC are used to specify which compilers are used to build Open MPI. The example ... Specifying Intel compiler options in the configuration and build ... Zhang X.'s picture.

  11. Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series #8: Building the ...


    Jan 27, 2014 ... If you compile the kernel with GNU* or the Intel® C++ Compiler for Android, you need to add –mno-android or –fno-PIC options during ...

  12. mdynamic-no-pic | Intel® Developer Zone


    code coverage Tool · test prioritization Tool · Compiler Option Mapping Tool · Intel® ... Visual Studio* IDE Automation Objects (Windows* OS); Compiler Options.

  13. Download the Intel AESNI Sample Library | Intel® Developer Zone


    May 11, 2011 ... The Intel® AES New Instructions (AES-NI) Sample Library demonstrates ... All code samples can be compiled and run as native 32-bit or 64-bit ... s picture. how can i compile the intel library using visual stdio ... Are you planning to add an option of arbitrary bytelength, as AES-CTR supports any bytelength?

  14. Intel® Math Kernel Library Link Line Advisor | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 20, 2012 ... o Please be sure that you have used the recommended compiler options for the selected interface layer. Caution: linking Intel(R) MKL libraries ...

  15. OpenMP Static Linking - Intel Compiler 15 Update 4 and xCode 5.02


    Dec 6, 2015 ... The option in the bellow picture needs to be disabled: After you .... What about the options in Xcode of Intel Compiler, what to set those on?

  16. Compiling and Linking Intel® IPP with Microsoft* Visual C++* and ...


    Mar 7, 2012 ... Please see User and Reference Guide for the Intel® C++ Compiler => Using Intel ® Performance Libraries ... If there is no such Intel Performance Libraries option in your IDE, then please follow the .... Rohit Dhamija's picture.

  17. Building a Native Application for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors ...


    Mar 27, 2014 ... AmandaS (Intel)'s picture ... The compiler option –mmic (Linux*) and /Qmic ( Windows*) enables the cross compiler to generate an application ...

  18. Building Custom Embedded Images with the Yocto Project


    Where to get the source and which patches to apply; Dependencies (on libraries or other recipes, for example); Config/compile options, 'install' customization.

  19. Building Dynamic-Link Libraries | Intel® Developer Zone


    In the Fortran Data compiler option category, specify the appropriate values for Common ... LIB) is created for use when you link images that reference the DLL.

  20. Building the Boost library to run natively on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(tm ...


    Nov 12, 2012 ... This article provides instructions to custom build the Boost library to run in native mode on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(tm) Coprocessor, ... Please refer to this guide for help on additional configuration options. ... Jared H.'s picture. Typo:.

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