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  1. Is the Intel® IPP Asynchronous C/C++ library included in the ...


    24 set 2015 ... I have searched the site quite rigorously but have been unable to determine for sure if the asynchronous library described here ...

  2. Compilare applicazioni Android* NDK con Intel® Integrated ...


    21 nov 2013 ... Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) fornisce delle funzioni di elementi di base altamente ottimizzate per l'elaborazione delle ...

  3. is std:sort faster than ipp sort ippsSortDescend_64f_I


    Aug 26, 2015 ... hi, I am trying to benchmark std::sort on vectors of double vs ipp sort using ( ippsSortDescend_64f_I). I am sorting 200 vectors of length 2000 ...

  4. Can't build IPP 8 samples on IPP 9


    11 nov 2015 ... Intel(R) IPP was found here: /home/hc/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2016.0.109/ linux/ipp -- folder with libraries: ...

  5. platform toolset V120_xp with IPP


    3 set 2015 ... I would like to know if the IPP option is not present because of some known ... and V120_xp or it is only a bug of the IPP Visual Studio integration.

  6. how many dll of IPP enable "flush to zero" mode when it is loaded?


    17 nov 2015 ... Code C# used to load: " LoadLibrary(@"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\redist\intel64\ipp\ipps-7.0.dll"); "

  7. UMC library for IPP 9


    11 nov 2015 ... Hi, Where i can find actual UMC for IPP 9? UMC IPP8 is very different api from IPP9.

  8. I'm using MinGW, do I need IPP for Windows or for Linux?


    Hello everyone! I'm planning to use the IPP library on a MinGW environnement ( GCC 4.5 on Windows). I just want to be sure, which version of the IPP library do I  ...

  9. Free technical webinar to learn new Intel MKL 11.3 and Intel IPP 9.0


    19 ago 2015 ... ... layer providing MKL compatibility with TBB based applications. Join us for a webinar learn the new Intel® MKL and Intel® IPP products.

  10. Java vs C vs IPP vs TBB: test di performance su dispositivi Intel ...


    6 giu 2014 ... Di recente ci siamo trovati nella situazione di voler ottimizzare una nostra applicazione per la realta' aumentata (http://picshare.jooink.com) su ...

  11. Can not Compile IPP and Opencv3.0 with MinGWx64


    28 set 2015 ... Hello, I'm trying to compile new stable OpenCV 3.0 on Windows 7 x64 with TBB 4.3, IPP, that comes with OpenCV 3.0. I use MinGW 4.8.1 x64.

  12. IPP 9.0 Image Geometry Functions


    23 set 2015 ... The first page of the documentation on the geometry functions (node 504351) covers ROI processing, and in fact states that all functions take an ...

  13. Intel® IPP 8.2 Update 2 is now available


    Intel® IPP 8.2 Update 2 packages are now ready for download. Intel® IPP is available as part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® System Studio, Intel® Integrated ...

  14. 64 bit version IPP


    25 ago 2015 ... I need to staticly link IPP. In the product root under lib there are many *.lib files & only one named ippcore64l.lib. My question is which of these ...

  15. Intel® IPP 9.0 Beta is available


    Intel® IPP 9.0 Beta is now available. The release added the new Intel® AVX-512 optimization for the computer vision and image processing functions, extended ...

  16. Use IPP static library in Windows Kernel Mode


    26 lug 2015 ... How to use IPP static library in Windows Kernel Mode ? and where can I download a sample of driver develop?

  17. Intel(R) IPP version 5.0 is now available!


    Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) 5.0 is the latest version of Intel's premier software library for media and communications application ...

  18. how can i get ipp example.


    10 lug 2015 ... In the installation directory where the IPP file is very small, only: ... sources/ipp- examples/ipp_thread_mic do not know where to get IPP sample ...

  19. Using IPP with pjsip


    27 ago 2015 ... Hi I want to integrate IPP (Intel® Parallel Composer) with pjsip. I have installed w_ipp_7.0.2.154_ia32.exe. There is an installation guide from ...

  20. IPP missing header file ippi.h


    I have downloaded the evaluation version of the IPP library for Linux. however I am unable to find the ippi.h file, which has all the ippiMalloc_8u_C3 type ...

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