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  1. link library of pthread - Intel® Developer Zone


    26 lug 2013 ... Hello, For some reasons I have to link explicitly the pthread libraries ... Anyone any idea about which one of pthread library used by MIC?

  2. can pthread natively run on Xeon phi? - Intel® Developer Zone


    i think pthread is a very natural model for shared memory application, can a ... As the OpenMP for MIC is based on pthreads, this should provide a method for ...

  3. OpenMP not supported with Intel MIC debugger


    11 lug 2013 ... Hi, When I want to debug an OpenMP application on MIC I get the ... the normal pthread level of parallel debugging should work whether or not ...

  4. free binutils for MIC - Intel® Developer Zone


    I have not checked the details of MIC development tools before. ... The parallel runtimes with which I am familiar (OpenMP, TBB) use pthreads for thread creation  ...

  5. Using Pthreads on the Coprocessors - Intel® Developer Zone


    I wrote a simple advection equation solver using pthreads which works(and scales) correctly on the ... Host uses _mm_pause(), MIC uses _delay32(nnn).

  6. static compilation question


    Feb 8, 2013 ... I mean what happens when pthreads functions are called from a program which runs on MIC? Do I have to recompile pthreads for the MIC ...

  7. Energy Measurement on MIC Xeon Phi - Intel® Developer Zone


    The code use one pthread to read the power in uW every 50 milliseconds since ... Intel MIC 5110P : 59.00 Joules in 459.843 milliseconds with 156.57 GFLOPS.

  8. Italiano - Intel® Developer Zone


    Mar 26, 2014 ... The code use one pthread to read the power in uW every 50 ... I am doubting the mic measurement which I use a pthread and while loop which ...

  9. Affinity - Intel® Developer Zone


    10 dic 2012 ... I'd like to install numactl on Mic as I'm not satisfied with openMP and pthread affinity, do you think there is a way to do this?

  10. Run-time error: undefined symbol: _intel_fast_memmove


    icc -O3 -pthread -shared -Wl,--version-script ... /opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1. 2.144/compiler/lib/intel64:/opt/intel/mic/coi/host-linux-release/lib:/opt/intel/mic/ ...

  11. icc is ok, error with icc -mmic, compilation aborted


    13 apr 2015 ... include -pthread -I/usr/lib64/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/include/pango-1.0 ... -lglib-2.0 - lfftw3 -L/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013.5.192/compiler/lib/mic ...

  12. about the memory bandwidth - Intel® Developer Zone


    finally, it uses openmp, when i use pthread to try to do the same experiment, the bandwidth is really low (~3GB/sec). I attach the source code of openmp and ...

  13. Measuring offload processing time with clock_gettime() and SCIF API


    14 giu 2015 ... Hi, I recently built an app that sends data to MIC, process them, and return ... I implemented the whole thing with just pthreads to get as much ...

  14. Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture)


    This forum is for discussion of public information about Intel MIC Architecture, Intel Xeon Phi ... Argomento normale, can pthread natively run on Xeon phi?

  15. Phtrhead + offload - Intel® Developer Zone


    30 gen 2015 ... #pragma offload target(mic:0) nocopy(udata:length(2*width*height) REUSE) ... This looks like a pthread issue on the host. Insert #if 0...#endif in ...

  16. Even numbered threads slow down.


    3 ott 2015 ... ... Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture) ... 32, std:: thread *pThread = new std:: thread (threadProcedure); ...

  17. undefined symbol in running not in linking of executable linked with ...


    Sep 29, 2015 ... Furthermore, I am using the option -offload-option,mic,compiler,"-z defs" .... are used in the underlying pthread implementation cause the linking ...

  18. Sviluppo multithread - Intel® Developer Zone


    PHP 多线程扩展(正儿八经的线程)pthreads 安装. Inviato da 迅 雷. ... 思路:linux下 包含头文件#include <pthread.h> .... Introduction; Debug Solution for Intel® MIC.

  19. Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture)


    This forum is for discussion of public information about Intel MIC Architecture, Intel Xeon Phi ... Discussione normale, Using Pthreads on the Coprocessors

  20. how do operate arenas in TBB? - Intel® Developer Zone


    (pthread, std::thread... i thought it was that) ... It is not clear as to if TBB will distribute (e.g. MPI, OpenCL, MIC), but the comment above seems to indicate this  ...

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