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  1. GPS sensor not working/active in Intel Ultrabook?


    I have a problem with the GPS location sensor, as it seems that when I use the Windows 8 location sensor api, I can only get wifi based location data (around ...

  2. The Sensor Episode! (Bologna, 19 gennaio 2013)


    17 gen 2013 ... Intel Software MeetUp - The Sensor Episode! (Bologna, 19 gennaio 2013). Ritratto di Francesco Baldassarri (Intel) Inviato da Francesco ...

  3. How to get Quaternion array data used Windows Sensor API (desktop)


    6 gen 2014 ... Hi I refer to the "Sample Application: Sensor Explorer" that Submitted by Dale Taylor (Intel) on Thu, 12/13/2012 - 14:53 and try to get Quaternion ...

  4. Touch and Sensor in HP Pavilion


    7 ago 2014 ... My screen has been touch sensor before but after I updated this in windows 8.1. It is gone. Where can I locate touch and sensor?

  5. GPS sensor Broadcom GNSS Geolocation


    3 lug 2013 ... Hi, I have a problem with sensor GPS of Broadcom. My device is a Tablet Latitude 10 Dell I use the software Sensor Diagnostic Tool that test ...

  6. Internet delle cose - Sensori, attuatori e schermi per dare vita al ...


    DFRobot MQ6 LPG Gas Sensor. ID: mq6. Aggiornato: 14 set. 2015. DFRobot MQ7 CO Gas Sensor. ID: mq7 ... DFRobot LM35 Linear Temperature Sensor. ID:.

  7. How to read the thermal sensor 1 reading of a Intel Celeron 450?


    11 set 2009 ... Hi there, This is a hard question I think.In the Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developers Manual is metioned the sensor 1, 2 and the ...

  8. Depth Camera and IR sensor not working, SDK examples crashes


    Apr 7, 2015 ... Depth Camera and IR sensor not working, SDK examples crashes. Depth Camera and IR sensor not working, SDK examples crashes.

  9. IPMI v2.0 specification: how to Identify LUN of sensors in PET


    May 20, 2011 ... Hi, About IPMI v2.0 specification, I understand it is possible to define in SDRR two sensors with same owner ID and Sensor Number and with ...

  10. Android* - Sviluppo di applicazioni per i sensori di telefoni e tablet ...


    Aunque el GPS no se categoriza estrictamente como un sensor en el framework de Android, esta guía también describe los servicios de ubicación basada en ...

  11. How to find directions using sensors


    18 ott 2012 ... can you explain how to find directions(North pole ,south pole ) using sensors.

  12. Prodotto software predefinito


    You can view a list of sensors supported in the UPM sensor library, access relevant documentation on each sensor, and quickly add a sensor to your selected ...

  13. List of alerts generated by AMT


    Am receiving events which has sensor type & event type same as above ( ie 0Fh & 01h) but with different Event offset value of 02h& which indicates "System ...

  14. Articoli Intel Developer Zone


    Interface with the Intel® Edison platform IO and sensor repository using MRAA and UPM from the Intel® ... 06-nov.-2015 12:11 PM PST. How-To Intel IoT Code ...

  15. How does the shutdown on overheating work ?


    monitoring sensor or perhaps another located near the CPU ? ... P6 family processors introduced a thermal sensor that acts as a catastrophic shutdown detector.

  16. 3D projection of depth image


    5 dic 2014 ... Hi, I have some depth images that were captured with an Intel Creative depth sensor and I would like to convert these into 3D point clouds.

  17. Fix & Sample for LCD on Edison


    Here is sample javascript code that should work using the Intel XDK, which reads from the light sensor then outputs it on the LCD. Connect the light sensor for ...

  18. Progetto Yocto


    At the recent #YHACK event at Yale University the Intel IoT Developer Program Team were on hand to distribute fifty sets of Edison boards and the Grove Sensor  ...

  19. DHT11 node.js library for Galileo


    Oct 13, 2014 ... I'm trying to use a DHT11 Humidity/Temperature sensor on my Galileo using the XDK IDE. So far I haven't been able to accomplish this.

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