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  1. Web Services Overview | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jun 5, 2015 ... This topic describes the Develop tab where you can explore a collection of third- party web service APIs (cloud services). In addition to the listed ...

  2. Integrating a New Service | Intel® Developer Zone


    Integrating a New Service. (name withheld)'s picture Submitted by (name withheld) on Fri, 02/27/2015 - 15:26. Share · Tweet · Share ...

  3. Choosing Cloud Services for Your IoT Project | Intel® Developer Zone


    Oct 29, 2015 ... A common issue we find within IoT projects is looking upon a cloud service as merely a data repository with limited analytical abilities. You may ...

  4. Local Manageability Service


    From Intel AMT Release 2.5 to 8.1, this service was done by the User Notification Service (UNS). The LMS registers with the Intel AMT device to receive a set of ...

  5. Hydra Service | Intel® Developer Zone


    hydra_service Hydra Service agent. Syntax hydra_service.exe [ -install | - regserver ] [ -start ] [ -stop ] \ [ -remove | -unregister | -uninstall ] [ -register_spn ] ...

  6. Web Services | Intel® Developer Zone


    This topic describes the Develop tab where you can explore a collection of third- party web service APIs (cloud services). In addition to the listed web services, ...

  7. Problem with appMobi service


    Jan 26, 2016 ... Today I need to modify it but the appMobi service is changed. When I try to check the service I got the request to register to appmobi cloud ...

  8. Setting up Hydra Services | Intel® Developer Zone


    To run programs compiled with Microsoft* Visual Studio* (or related), first set up the HYDRA service. Note You should have administrator privileges to start the ...

  9. Edge Update Service Detection Service | Intel® Developer Zone


    The Detection Service is automatically started when your Gateway boots. It then monitors the /opt/eus/detection_client/instructions/ directory for new transaction ...

  10. Driver status: the sepdrv3_15 service is not running


    Oct 22, 2015 ... Hi,everyone,when I was using VTune Amplifier XE 2016 update 1,I had these problems:

  11. Android* - Test Apps Virtually | Intel® Developer Zone


    Ensure your apps run smoothly and deliver the best user experience on Intel- based Android devices by testing through a virtual testing service. There's no need ...

  12. Intel® XDK App Designer - Using Services Datafeed in App ...


    Feb 27, 2015 ... Intel® XDK App Designer - Using Services Datafeed in App Designer. This video shows you how to use data from RESTful API calls in your ...

  13. Is there any way to increase the DCM service priority at system boot?


    Jan 9, 2016 ... because it always seems to initialise every other service before the DCM one. Thus ... At least, I think the issue lies with the DCM service startup.

  14. Intel® IoT Gateways: Installing and Using the Edge Update Service ...


    This document provides instructions to install and use the Edge Update Service, a service that provides a way to securely install and remove applications on ...

  15. Service Manifest Help


    Dec 4, 2015 ... I am having trouble starting the LocalService service by following the quick start guide. Can someone tell me how I should add the service into ...

  16. Configure the Edge Update Service | Intel® Developer Zone


    Configure the Edge Update Service. Edit the settings.json configuration parameter file in the /opt/eus/detection_client/config directory to make sure it is accurate ...

  17. Using OAuth2 Authentication | Intel® Developer Zone


    Feb 27, 2015 ... Some web services included with the Intel XDK need OAuth 2.0 authentication. To use such web services, you need to obtain an access token ...

  18. networking-ovs-dpdk-agent.service failed


    Oct 10, 2015 ... I have installed networking-ovs-dpdk-agent on my host. the steps as bellow. 1.git clone -b stable/kilo ...

  19. Profiling Windows Services


    Mar 29, 2012 ... Steps to profile Windows* services by Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE.

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