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error using child_process.execSync

good day

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How to get Captured frame in Buffer?


I am working on sample_decode for screen capture. Screen is captured very well but i want to fill buffer with frame(Screen captured frame).

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thread seemingly executing multiple tasks simultaneously

I have two function node body classes that subclass from the same parent. The parent has a thread-local member variable.

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QuickAssist: Guest need reboots after PCI is reset on host


There is an intermittent issue that I'm experiencing with the QAT driver.

On the host, I'm getting the following errors (from dmesg):

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Building Intel® XDK Cordova* Hybrid Apps da Intel® XDK Documentation

Describes the steps needed to prepare and build your app for final testing and distribution. build an Intel XDK HTML5+Cordova project into a hybrid mobile app. The build process uploads your local project source code and Apache Cordova* plugin files from your local development system to the Intel® XDK cloud-based build system, which creates a binary bundle. You download the binary bundle to...

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Adding Plugins to Your Intel® XDK Cordova* App da Intel® XDK Documentation

Apache* Cordova* plugins enhance the features and functionality of your Intel® XDK HTML5 mobile application by extending your app's JavaScript API for a much tighter integration of your app with a mobile device's software and hardware.

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Request on How to Create an (UPDATEABLE) Page in an app

Hello Great Developers , I've a small  question: " How to make a page that   loads text content responsively and will be constantly updated" i.e like a page/subpage where the text is updateable. 

Creato da Olushola O. Data ultimo aggiornamento 13/10/2015 - 14:12
Responsive Landing Page

Tools - Intel Game Developer Community

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ICE with OpenMP workshare construct


the following code leads to an internal compiler error:

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output RGB32 frame is corrupted using HW decoder and VPP


I am referring the 'sample_decvpp.exe' (64 bit version) from media sdk sample (

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