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F200 Camera Randomly Disconnects / Reconnects Most of the Time


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Intel® Edison Board Get Started Guide

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Documentation for Intel® C++ Compiler Support in Intel® System Studio

Get user and reference documentation, what’s new and release notes for Intel® C++ Compiler in Intel® System Studio, an industry leading high performance optimizing compiler.
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Compile in Xcode

Hi, I'm developing a project and I'll want to compile it in my own mac. How I can compile the project of the Intel XDK in Xcode??

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Vectorization with SIMD-enabled functions works from functions, not from main()


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C++11 Features Supported by Intel® C++ Compiler

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Intel® SGX for Dummies (Intel® SGX Design Objectives)

Today the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) programming reference manual was

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Develop for 2 Amazing Cameras

Creato da Priyadarshini Dhanasekaran (Intel) Data ultimo aggiornamento 30/11/2015 - 11:22

Intel® Hardware-based Security Technologies Bring Differentiation to Biometrics Recognition Applications Part 1

How Intel® Hardware-based Security Technologies Improve the Security of Biometrics Recognition. Trusted Execution Environment with Intel® Software Guard Extensions. What is TEE? Intel® Software Guard Extensions Technology Overview. How to Harden Biometric Recognition Function by Intel® Software Guard Extensions Technology? Memory Protection Scheme with Virtual Machine Extensions. The Weakness of...
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Caffe* Scoring Optimization for Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Series

    In continued efforts to optimize Deep Learning workloads on Intel® architecture, our engineers explore various paths leading to the maximum performance.

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