Native x86 Support on Unity* Gaming Boosts Performance for JumpStart’s School of Dragons*

Authored by CRISTIANO F. (Intel)

By Cristiano Ferriera and Joseph Wells

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诊断信息 15532: 循环无法进行矢量化处理:编译时间不足妨碍了循环进行优化

Authored by tianhui s.

产品版本: Intel(R) Visual Fortran 编译器 XE


使用 Visual Fortran 编译器的优化选项 ( -O2  -Qopt-report:2 )  时出现矢量化报告,表示编译时间不足妨碍了优化。

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Tips and Tricks to use Unity with the Intel RealSense SDK 2014

Authored by Colleen Culbertson (Intel)

This blog is meant to provide information, suggestions, and links for developers using Unity with the Intel RealSense SDK 2014.

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为基于英特尔架构的设备创建 Android 平板电脑应用

Authored by EGOR F. (Intel)

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如何使用英特尔® Inspector for Systems

Authored by tianhui s.


英特尔® System Studio 是一款全新的嵌入式软件工具套件,其中包括 Intel® Inspector for Systems。 本文将介绍如何在嵌入式平台上运行 Inspector for Systems。


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Неоднородные рабочие группы OpenCL™ 2.0

Authored by Alexey Kostadinov (Intel)

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Corel Painter* 2015 Performance Optimization on Intel 2 in 1 Computers

Authored by Tim Duncan (Intel)

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Heterogeneous Computing Pipelining

Authored by Ilya Albrekht (Intel)

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