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Ultrabook Part 2: Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2011 with Windows 8* and Visual Studio* 2012 RC

As I continue to explore different Ultrabook capabilities, in this blog I decided to look into a powerful threading and performance optimization tool for C/C++, .NET, and FORTRAN developers who nee

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Assista ao Webinar da Intel Capital: "Capital de risco para empresas de software".

Parceiros Premier Elite do Programa de Parceria de Software Intel® têm agora acesso a uma oportunidade única.

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Conoce a los ganadores de App Latina México 2014

¿Buscar una película? Hecho. ¿Hacer fila para comprar los boletos? No es necesario. ¿Ver los resultados deportivos de tu equipo favorito antes de que termine la película?

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Meet the 2014 App Latina- Mexico Winners

Finding a movie?  Done!  Waiting in line for tickets?  Not necessary; you have a reserved seat.  And not getting the results of the latest match in the World Cup until after the movie?    With the

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Introducing Intel Ultrabook™ – Part One

In all my years in college I have used a laptop PC. Recently, I’ve been tempted to get a MacBook Air Pro because of its light-weight and stylish look.

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Jeff's Notebook: Benefits of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) for Small Matrices

With the launch of the Second Generation Intel® CoreTM processor (utilizing the new Intel® processor microarchitecture codename Sandy Bridge), Intel released Intel Advanced Vector Extens

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Open Parallel: Optimizing Web Performance with TBB

Open Parallel is a research and development company that focuses on parallel programming and multicore development.

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Jeff's Notebook: A new Joint lifetime and access synchronization algorithm for shared dynamic objects

Dynamic objects are created and destroyed at run-time by modern programming practices and computer languages like .NET, but how can we correlate that with multi-core enabled programming?

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