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Using Intel® MKL with Threaded Applications

Intel MKL is threaded in a number of places: LAPACK (*GETRF, *POTRF, *GBTRF routines), BLAS, DFTs, and FFTs. Intel MKL uses OpenMP* threading software. There are situations in which conflicts can exist that make the use of threads in Intel MKL problematic
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Intel® System Studio: Samples and Tutorials

Collection of Code Samples and Tutorials for Intel® System Studio.
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Diagnostic 15516: xxxx was not vectorized: cost model has chosen vectorlength of 1 -- maybe possible to override via pragma/directive with vectorlength clause

Thank you for your interest in this diagnostic message. We are still in the process of documenting this specific diagnostic.

Please let us know of your experience with this diagnostic message by posting a comment below. Your interest in this diagnostic will help us prioritize the order we document diagnostics.

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Error when compiling C++ aps using Intel® MPI Library compilation driver mpiicpc

Describes how to solve an issue when compiling C++ programs using the Intel® MPI Library.
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Diagnostic 15340: pragma supersedes previous setting

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Diagnostic 15346: vector dependence: assumed xxx dependence between line x and line y

Product Version: Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 and above

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