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MICs appear to crash

I'm trying to setup a new system:

SuperMicro 5018GR-T

2 Intel Xeon Phis:

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Intel Vectorization Toolkit: 3. Determine Loop Candidates Using Intel Compiler Vec-Report

Intel Vectorization Toolkit: 3. Vectorization report for loop candidates
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Answers About Intel Cluster Studio XE

Gergana Slavova, Intel Cluster Tools Technical Consulting Engineer answers questions about how Intel® Cluster Studio XE helps developers build, verify, tune and deploy applications that run faster

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Instruction format question

Reading the "Knights Corner Instruction Set Reference Manual" I see that there are 32 vector registers where the x64 instruction set has only 16.

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GCC compiler for running MIC applications

Hello!The readme.txt file says Intel only recommends using the GCC compiler for build host and target tools, however for running applications within of MIC only recommends to use the Composer XE In

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user level (uSCIF) and kernel level (kSCIF)

Hello!The readme.txt file mentions theSCIF is available by means of kernel space and user space software.The mic.ko driver is the kSCIF side of this SCIF interface and the library libscif (scif_api

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Embedded Linux for Intel MIC support and Embedded OS for flash tools

Hello!I'm trying to understand the MIC Knights Corner device from a software point of view. At first sight I understand the following:1.

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Geometric Algebra, Clifford Algebra, GA, Geometric Computing, MIC support? How to?

Hi. Been reading up on Geometric Algebra, out of necessity (the mother ...).

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GCC Intrinsics for Knights Corner vector instructions


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Request for software emulator

May I humbly ask whether and/or when the Intel Software Development Emulator can manage the Knights Corne

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