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Resultados do Intel IoT Roadshow de Junho de 2015 em São Paulo



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Orlando Game Jam Featuring Intel® RealSense™ Technology

For the past ten years, the Science Center in my home town of Orlando has hosted a gaming event called Otronicon which brings together all forms of interactive media developed in the greater Centra

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Intel® RealSense SDK na plataforma Linux.

    O RealSense é a mais alta tecnologia da Intel no que tange hardware e software para computação de percepção, o que torna possível recursos presente no filme Minority

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英特尔® Quark™ D1000 —— 基于Windows主机的按钮 终端服务程序案例

概要 -

本指南介绍了如何使用英特尔® Quark™ D1000 微控制器,以及如何使用 Eclipse* IDE 修改已在固件中实施的简单示例。 本指南还说明了如何通过使用 OpenOCD 传送创建的图像和实施源线调试,检查 D1000 CRB 的 JTAG 连接。。

请参考下面的 pdf 版指南:


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From this exercise, developers will learn how to: Connect the Intel® Edison development platform, a computing platform designed for prototyping and producing IoT and wearable computing products. Interface with the Intel® Edison platform IO and sensor repository using MRAA and UPM from the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, a complete hardware and software solution to help developers explore the IoT and...
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Intel® Quark™ D1000 – PushButton ISR example, Windows Host

Summary -
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My Experiences at IDF 2015 as a Black Belt Developer: The Intel® IoT Gateway

I also took a look at the Intel IoT Gateway. For those of you not in the know, IoT stands for Internet of Things.

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Make the world a safer place using the Intel® Edison board and Intel® IoT Developer Kit.

This blog post contains extra info for developers attending the 2016 AT&T Hackathon in Las Vegas Jan 2nd and 3rd. Judging Criteria are expanded. Suggested topic themes are highlighted and recommend sites for ideas and examples are provided.
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通过八个步骤将英特尔实感 Unity* 工具套件添加到您的项目中

本指南可帮助您导入英特尔实感软件开发套件中的英特尔® 实感™ Unity* 工具套件,以便您将英特尔实感技术轻松集成到您的项目中。 本指南假定您已安装支持的 Unity 版本和最新版英特尔实感 SDK。

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Wind River Pulsar Linux - available at no cost and built for embedded and IoT devices

Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux is a small, high-performance, secure, and manageable Linux distribution that combines the best of Wind River open source technology and delivers it without the traditional

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