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Compiler Settings for link fully static.

I am very sorry to open this topic again, which has been discussed in this forum many times before. Like here:

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Missed optimization opportunity ANY(array .eq. 0.0)

It is a common occurrence to test a result array for conditions.

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Apache Cordova

I have problem with Apache Cordova . Google play want to delete my apk how cen i update my cordova ? Google say this


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Reference Implementations for Intel® Architecture Approximation Instructions VRCP14, VRSQRT14, VRCP28, VRSQRT28, and VEXP2

We are providing source files containing reference implementations for the scalar versions of 10 approximation instructions introduced in the "Intel® Architecture Instruction Set Extensions Programming Reference" document
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Regression accuracy

I'm wondering if the DAAL regression libraries offer more precision and accuracy than MLLib Spark Libraries?  Or is the main difference solely performance?

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Executed instruction not valid for specified chip (PENTIUM4)

I encounter the following error message with the latest version (7.39-win) of Intel SDE, when I attempt the "-p4" switch. What is the preferred way of using the "-p4" switch?

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Splashscreen is deformed on android


On androids my splashscreen is deformed:

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Two fingers swipe


how can I get two fingers swipe to works with AppFramework?

Kind regards

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QuickWin - setting dialog focus

I've recompiled an old QuickWin project.

It uses a dialog to specify some parameters then draws graphics in the full screen, then displays the dialog again with the results.

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Another stack-overflow with IF XE 2016

I did regression tests for switching from IF 2013 to IF 2016 and suddenly a subroutine that took 11K of stack now wants 3M of stack.

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