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Intel® Compilers - Supported compiler versions

The following compiler versions are supported:

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Warning #31001: The DLL for Reading and Writing the PDB Could Not be Found on Your Path

This issue is seen when building Intel-64 program from command line using Intel C++ compiler 15.0 update 3 or 4 with "/Zi" debug option. The warning "warning #31001: The dll for reading and writing the pdb (for example, mspdb110.dll) could not be found on your path" is emitted by the Intel C++ compiler. This issue is known, and we are working on the fix for next product update. When the fix is...
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Cross-OS Mobilanwendungen mit Intel® INDE erstellen

Wenn Sie beginnen möchten und Cross-OS Mobilanwendungen mit Videoverarbeitung, Transcode, Spezieleffekten, usw., Funktionen in Ihren Anwendungen erstellen möchten, ist der beste Platz zum Beg

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Realizzazione di applicazioni mobile multisistema con Intel® INDE

Se si desidera conoscere come iniziare a realizzare applicazioni mobili su diversi sistemi operativi con elaborazione video, transcodifica, effetti speciali ecc.

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The Intel® AVX Realization of Lanczos interpolation in Intel® IPP 2D Resize Transform

A white paper to describe Intel AVX Realization of Lanczos interpolation in Intel IPP 2D Transform functions.
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Intel® IPP - Threading / OpenMP* FAQ

This page contains common questions and answers on multi-threading in the Intel IPP.
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OpenMP and the Intel® IPP Library

How to configure OpenMP in the Intel IPP library to maximize multi-threaded performance of the Intel IPP primitives.
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Intel IPP support for Intel® AVX2

List of Intel IPP functions optimized for processor code name Haswell
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Signal Processing Usage for Intel® System Studio – Intel® MKL vs. Intel® IPP

Employing performance libraries can be a great way to streamline and unify the computational execution flow for data intensive tasks, thus minimizing the risk of data stream timing issues and heise

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Intel® IPP Memory Function ippMalloc/Free FAQ

Information about Intel® IPP Memory functions
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