OpenCV 3.0.0-beta ( IPP & TBB enabled ) on Yocto with Intel® Edison

Authored by JON J K. (Intel)
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2014 Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest Winners

Authored by Hai Shen (Intel)

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DrDebug : Deterministic Replay based Debugging with Pin

Authored by Harish Patil (Intel)
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Intel IoT Roadshow hits the Road in Seattle

Authored by danielholmlund (Intel)

The Intel IOT roadshow kicked off the year 2015 with a large showing in Seattle on February 11 and 12th.

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Advanced Computer Concepts For The (Not So) Common Chef: Terminology Pt 1

Authored by Taylor Kidd (Intel)

Before we start, I will use the next two blogs to clear up some terminology. If you are familiar with these concepts, I give you permission to jump to the next section.

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Advanced Computer Concepts for The (Not So) Common Chef: First Some Terminology Part 2

Authored by Taylor Kidd (Intel)


Now that we know what a core is, let’s dive into another source of confusion.

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SpaceApps NYC 2015 : A Truly Stellar Event!

Authored by Wai Lun P. (Intel)
The International Space Apps Challenge is a technology development and problem solving event during which citizens from around the world collaborate to tackle challenges relevant to improving life on Earth and the exploration of space. Intel has participated in these events and has provided technical mentorship, as well as software/hardware sponsorship. Last updated on 15/04/2015 - 13:31

Great (Lyndsey) Scott, It’s Hack Holyoke 2015!

Authored by REX ST JOHN (Intel)

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