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can decoder handle noisy or skipped frames?


Creato da mahmut şamil s. Data ultimo aggiornamento 03/10/2015 - 02:15
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Media for Mobile RTMP authentication for Android camera stream to server

We are evaluating the INDE Media for Mobile encoder for a new Android app we are developing. The app streams live from the phone camera to a server.

Creato da Amir M. Data ultimo aggiornamento 02/10/2015 - 10:21
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How To Determine Feature Support On A System?

I would like to configure default encoding settings based on the supported features of the current system, but I am having a hard time determining how to accomplish this.

Creato da babgvant Data ultimo aggiornamento 02/10/2015 - 09:54
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Issues with Unity3D Android

I try to add video capturing using this tutorial for Unity3D

Creato da Lev S. Data ultimo aggiornamento 01/10/2015 - 17:14
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Best approach to use the Media Server Studio SDK in my application ?

Hi, I have some application software that I am trying to optimize its performance by utilizing the Media Server Studio SDK.

Creato da Robby S Data ultimo aggiornamento 29/09/2015 - 17:52
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What does the h264 decoder expects when dealing with multiple slices for one picture


I was wondering, what do hardware decoders in general expect to receive when one wants to decode a picture for which the encoder generated multiple nals?  



Creato da Diederick H. Data ultimo aggiornamento 29/09/2015 - 15:24
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Media SDK Sample Encode is not working on Intel NUC(D54250WYKH) machine.

HI All,

I am beginner in Intel media SDK. I am trying to run sample examples given in this

Creato da sumit j. Data ultimo aggiornamento 29/09/2015 - 00:15

Новые возможности Intel® Media Server Studio, выпуск R6

Пять главных преимуществ нового выпуска Intel Media Server Studio 2015 R6
Creato da ALEXEY K. (Intel) Data ultimo aggiornamento 28/09/2015 - 08:29
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Media SDK API vs direct call to VA-API

HI all,

I have one doubt regarding use of MEDIA SDK API and VA-API(libva). As per my basic understanding of MEDIA SDK, SDK application calls VA-API to use HW -decode/encode.AS follows-

Creato da sumit j. Data ultimo aggiornamento 27/09/2015 - 23:54
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gstreamer-vaapi broken ? problem connecting vaapidecode to vaapiencode_h264 ?


I installed latest intel graphics for linux by following wiki on ubuntu 15.04/intel baytrail (lenevo B50 touch laptop).:

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