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Multi-OS Engine - Game Development using LibGDX

In this article I would like to talk about how you can create a Java game using Multi-OS engine and LibGDX. On the screenshots below you can see that the end version of this game on iOS* and Android* looks and behaves the same way. How is this achieved?
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Using an MCU on the Intel® Edison Board with the Ultrasonic Range Sensor

The Intel® Edison board contains an internal microcontroller unit (MCU) in addition to the CPU. In this article, I explain the benefits of using an internal MCU for both

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Gesture Playground Files

Gesture Playground Files

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Code Examples for New APIs and Sample How to Replace Deprecated API with Them

Starting with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) 9.0,  some image processing functions, including  ippiWarpAffine funciton are legacy.

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An Introduction to Developing on Intel® IoT Architecture

Creating a new product can be an exciting process. Often, we get access to electronics and we immediately want to play and experiment without a proper background or even a plan. Trying to move forward from experimentation without guidance to creating a prototype is uneven and with difficulty. Developing in IoT can be a simple a process:
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英特尔® XDK

描述英特尔® XDK 跨平台集成开发环境的主要特性。 使用英特尔 XDK 工具为多个商店开发、测试、调试、配置、封装和部署 HTML5 混合移动应用和互联网应用,包括 HTML5 游戏。
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options used by -xhost (for use in cross-compilation)

Is there a way to find what compiler options are selected by -xhost? 

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Intel® IoT Gateways: Wind River® IDP XT 3.0 Getting Started Guide

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Networking Considerations for Your IoT Project

A common issue within the design process, and that is sometimes overlooked until you have perhaps hit a proof of concept phase is networking considerations. Many designers take networking for granted. In the IoT world there is a bit more to consider than a base Ethernet or WiFi connection.
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