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Tutorial: Usage of Intel® System Studio with MinnowBoard MAX

Article speaking about taking advantage of using Intel® System Studio with MinnowBoard MAX. MinnowBoard MAX is an open hardware embedded board designed with the Intel® Atom™ E38xx series SOC (code name Baytrail).
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Intel RealSense SDK – Stream video

In questo articolo cominceremo ad analizzare le funzionalità esposte dall’SDK ed in particolare cominceremo a vedere la classe PXCMSenseManager e le funzionalità riguardanti gli stream video.

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Camera Preview inside canvas

Hello everyone,

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Pardiso hangs in phase 33 when called from an OMP critical region in IVF 16.0

Hi all,

I suspect this is a problem with my code, but I can't figure out what the issue is...

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semantics and use of __intel_simd_lane w/ SIMD functions?

semantics and use of __intel_simd_lane w/ SIMD functions?

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英特尔® Edison Arduino扩展开发板组装

必需品 英特尔Edison模块 英特尔Edison 开发/扩展开发板(Arduino或迷你扩展板) 2根Micro USB转标准USB口线缆 兼容的开发板电源,查看直流电源详情获取更多信息
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Creating a new project in the Eclipse* IDE


This topic contains steps to create a new C or C++ project in the Eclipse* IDE for Intel® IoT platforms.

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Errors using both builds.

I'm working on an app and decided to build it to see the in app ads in action and I was told to see that happen I need to build the app, however I had two issues when building.

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在英特尔® Edison 开发板上使用英特尔® 物联网分析

These days, smartphones, tablets, laptops are ubiquitous, allowing us to surf the Internet, check emails, and chat with friends. But people want to do more with their devices—they want to manage and monitor other computers and devices remotely. To do this, they need the ability to send and receive IoT device data via the Internet. There are several Cloud-based solutions you can use that provide...
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Sony Xperia and GeoLocation

I have an app that tests perfectly well on iOS 8 iOS9 Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.4.4 on a host of devices. 

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