Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector



int VT_tracestate (int * state)


Gets logging state of current thread.

Set by configuration options PROCESS/CLUSTER, modified by VT_traceon/off().

There are three states:

  • 0 = thread is logging

  • 1 = thread is currently not logging

  • 2 = logging has been turned off completely


Recording Communication Events

These are API calls that allow logging of message send and receive and MPI-style collective operations. Because they are modeled after MPI operations, they use the same kind of communicator to define the context for the operation.

enum _VT_CommIDs

Logging send/receive events evaluates the rank local within the active communicator, and matches events only if they take place in the same communicator (in other words, it is the same behavior as in MPI).

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