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Error: A license for BetaSTMCCompL could not be obtained.


I have installed Intel® C++ Composer XE 2013 for Linux and Intel® C++ STM Compiler Prototype Edition 4.0 with a non-commercial/student license. When I try to compile using icc, I get the following error. Can anyone help me resolving the license issues?



(COMPILE)  build/library/common/debug.c

Error: A license for BetaSTMCCompL could not be obtained.

Your license has expired.

Optimization icpc 13 vs icpc 14

Currently I am working on a simulation project which I develop in my own pc (Chakra linux, intel core i5). When I compile using icpc v 14.0.2 I get really nice results in terms of speed. The problem is that when I compile the code in a cluster (CentOs,  Xeon E7-8837 ) using icpc v 13.1.1 the execution time doubles. I have really no clue on what can be the cause of such behavior as my code is relatively simple. I would like to know what could be the possible causes and how to check them. Also If further information is needed please let me know so I can update the post.

Performance BKMs: Introduction and Super-secret Intel Tools

At SC13 (Super Computing 2013)*, someone commented that Intel seems to have some super-secret set of tricks in its pocket, allowing us to optimize “far beyond those of mortal man”+. We don’t really have any super-secret tricks. Even if we did, we wouldn’t use them. We want mortal man (you) to be able to reproduce whatever we do. It is also in our business interest to insure that you can optimize on Intel hardware to the fullest extent possible.

Issues building MPI

Hi all,

I recently installed both Intel Fortran and Intel C++ compilers for Linux on my system (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with IA32). When trying to install MPICH, I'm unable to configure the installation, and I get this error :

checking for gcc... icc
checking whether the C compiler works... no
configure: error: in `/home/ouissem/Downloads/openmpi-1.6.5':
configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
See `config.log' for more details

The same procedure works fine with GNU compilers.

The Chronicles of Phi - part 5 - Plesiochronous phasing barrier – tiled_HT3

For the next optimization, I knew what I wanted to do; I just didn’t know what to call it. In looking for words that describes loosely-synchronous, I came across plesiochronous:

In telecommunications, a plesiochronous system is one where different parts of the system are almost, but not quite, perfectly synchronized.

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