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Intel Mash Maker: The Basic Interface

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The Basic Interface

There are several levels at which one can use Intel Mash Maker. We anticipate that the majority of Mash Maker users will use only the basic user interface features described in this document.

The basic user interface provides enough features to allow a user to apply mashups to the pages they browse. The user will need to use more advanced features if they want to create new mashups or teach Mash Maker about the semantics of a page.

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  • Integrated Debugger for Java*/JNI Environments prototype on What If Site

    A few months ago, I was working with Aaron Tersteeg to make sure that we clearly summarized our involvement with the the Apache Harmony community. We got to talking about a few other projects that that I've been working on. Aaron told me about this "What If Alpha Software" concept that Intel was working to create.

    STM Compiler

    Hello, I'd like to welcome you to our STM portion of the whatif site.

    As Intel is moving towards multi core processors, we are committed to provide development tools to help programmers exploit the parallelism available in these processors.

    We view transactional memory as a part of the solution.

    Here we offer a prototype implementation of our C/C++ compiler product with the addition of transactional programming constructs. (I will refer to it as a transactional compiler).

    Intel Software Launches

    A few posts ago I posed the question "What if Intel shared ideas and prototypes early in the development cycle?" to share some of the thoughs that we were having within our team. Internal to Intel Software we all knew about some great projects in the works. But sometime the development cycle can be long and we wanted to ensure that as we built these feature we were working on tools and products that engineers really wanted.

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