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Intel® XDK 九月更新:更好的实时预览及编辑,更安全的应用数据存储,以及更多的插件!

原文作者:英特尔®XDK 产品总监 Joe Wolf

首先,我想代表整个英特尔®XDK 团队感谢大家长久以来对我们工具的支持,特别是七月更新发布之后,很多开发者朋友使用了新增的 Cordova* 第三方插件功能,并且给我们提了非常多积极的反馈,这对于我们来说无疑是莫大的鼓励,也让我们更加充分的感觉到英特尔©XDK 在混合式应用(Hybrid App)开发方面、尤其是 Cordova* 插件和 Web API 集成方面为我们的开发者带来了好处。另外,我还想特别感谢许多 Scirra* Construct 2* 社区的开发者朋友,不仅是因为你们非常乐于尝试使用 XDK 导入各种插件和服务(例如广告、应用内支付),还因为你们通过 Construct 2、XDK和Crosswalk开发了许多精彩的 HTML5 游戏,恭喜你们!同时,也再次感谢所有正在或准备使用英特尔®XDK 的朋友们,你们的认可是我们前进路上最大的动力!


Iframe content scales/pinch and zoom in app

HI Guys


I am making a web app at the moment and I need an app page to have my app header and footer but a div/iframe that links to an external blog page that loads this content into the app between the header and footer all scaled and fitting. Its not a responsive site, but i dont want it with scroll bars, what i need is the iframe content to fit my app 100% using the classic pinch and zoom of the user to zoom in. Much like it would were it viewed on the classic device browser apps.

Is it possible to do this?



App starts on the wrong page.

I have updated to V2366 and on loading an app from a previous version, it now starts on the wrong page, but even then that page is incomplete, it is missing the back button on the header.

I have 4 pages:- #mainpage, #uib_page_1, #uib_page_2 ans #uib_page_3

Mainpage contains the start page but when the app loads it jumps to #uib_page_1.

This happen in Emulate and Test through App Preview.

Problem with Standard Cordova Plugin InAppBrowser on Android

In my App I transfer file and picture from my database on external server a save them locally on smartphone with FileTransfer Plugin. Then to view the downloaded file I use InAppBrowser plugin (V. 0.5.4).  This is my code:

if (intel.xdk.device.platform == 'Android' || intel.xdk.device.platform == 'android')
 var path = strUrl;, '_system', 'location=no');
else {
 var url = strUrl;, '_blank', 'location=no');

Récupérer le numéro de téléphone utilisant l'application

Bonjour à tous,

Je voudrais savoir si il est possible de récupérer le numéro de téléphone dans lequel l'application est exécuté et comment le faire avec Intel XDK.

J'ai cherché sur google mais je n'y trouve que la possibilité d'accéder à la liste des contacts du téléphone alors que moi je voudrais récupérer le numéro du téléphone de l'utilisateur.

Merci votre contribution.


Issue with iPhone 6 Plus and App Framework Sample (Side Bar click)

Hi there, it's actually a question about the App Framework Sample that you can see on: Projects -> Start a New Project -> Samples and Demos -> General -> App Framework.

I have tested this sample on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S4) with App Preview, and everything looks fine!

Works in Emulator but not App Preview

I'm creating an App that needs to send data up to a server and then retrieves data. Just getting the functions to work before I start to format and 'pretty it up'.

The POST functions fine and I capture with a php server that put into the database.

Using Ajax GET to retrieve the data, again from a php sender, and it works fine in the Emulator - but on App Preview it just crashes. Could anyone help please?

The JS function that is doing the GET and just displaying some of the data is as follows; (off the click of a button called 'butget'.


Ejemplo de app con Ionic y Geolocalización

Hola, estoy tratando de crear una app para Android utilizando AngularJS (Ionic) y tengo muchas dudas sobre cómo se inyecta el código del plugin de Geolocalización.

No estoy utilizando ngCordova, doy por supuesto que no es necesario descargar una librería externa para utilizar los plugins propios del XDK, pero no he encontrado un solo ejemplo funcional de Ionic con plugins de Cordova que pueda servir de referencia.

El código que utilizo es este:



How Can I Cleare the Web Services Memory?


Hi everyone

I need help about clear web services memory. I use an web service address(url) that include JSON code this url recorded the somewhere in XDK. I want to clear its. Where is it? and how can I clear this url? I try doing it with "; " command but it is not work? How can I do it?


(My web services data name is LNLAyatar3Bolge)



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