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​anytime i build crosswalk android build - the file gets too big like 35MB ... what the solution



where is statusbar plugin?


anytime i build crosswalk android build - the file gets too big like 35MB ... what the solution? Android build (non-crosswalk) what differs?

Issue with APP ID on Windows build x Windows Store

I am trying to publish an APP to Windows Store. The name of APP is ConfirmAkiPRO.

When I use only this name on building settings, the Windows Store does not accept my package. The error is:

Validation error:   All packages for this app must use the package identity name: 9HTSInformtica.ConfirmAkiPRO

If I change the ID name to this, the build starts OK:

Build Log:

iOS App Unable to Download

Hello All,

I've successfully built my app for iOS and it installs and runs on my test iPad just fine. However, certain other devices get an error saying that they were unable to download the app. The UDID's of all these devices are registered with Apple and in my provisioning file, so I don't think it's a provisioning error (but I've been wrong before). Has anyone run across this problem before? If so, how was it solved?

Navigation to other pages


I am having trouble changing pages in the application (Intel App Framework, Cordova in the newest XDK). I have tried 3 approaches:

document.location.href = "#id_of_page_i_want_to_change_to";
window.location.href =  "#id_of_page_i_want_to_change_to";
activate_page( "#id_of_page_i_want_to_change_to");

Tried it with/without the ".href" in the left side; on the right side: with/without hash, with/without index.html before id, and by the class name.

It either doesn't work or navigate to wrong (how?) page...

ver 1826 no longer able to build iOS

Intel XDK 1826 i'm still able to build Android version but iOS fails every time.

When i go to plugins and unselect MEDIA plugin i'm able to build iOS

Media plugin (after i clicked "reset to defualt..." it shows ver 0.2.15), when i click on little info icon it takes me to 404 page

1826 Build notifications wrong link

1. Create an Android project and build.

2. The build succeeds.  Add an email to the recipient list.

3. Uncheck "use a secure download link"

4. Click "send"

5. Received email contains "You can download your application with this _secure_ link"

6. Uncheck "use a secure download link"

7. Click "send"

8. Received email this time contains "You can download your application with this _public_ link"

Open PDF file (stored locally) in android


I have a requirement to open a PDF file from my android app (built using Intel xdk). And would like to know whether I can show the default file opener select message from the app?
I tried this code, but it didn't work. Got an error saying fileOpener is not defined.<<file path>>)

I added the File plugin.
Not sure if I'm missing anything. If you have any insights on this, can you please let me know.


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