Intel® Edison Wi-Fi* Guide


This document explains the configuration of the Wi-Fi* software stack on Intel® Edison development platform.  It covers

  • Wi-Fi* connections
  • Access Point setup
  • Wi-Fi* Direct

For example, it will explain how to scan available networks, auto-reconnect after a reboot, and disable power management. The reader should have a basic knowledge of the Linux* operating system and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The complete document is in a PDF.

  • Sviluppatori
  • Linux*
  • Progetto Yocto
  • Internet delle cose
  • Avanzato
  • Principiante
  • Intermedio
  • WiFi
  • wi-fi
  • Access Point
  • wifi direct
  • reconnect after reboot
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • wifi power management
  • ssh
  • WPA
  • Edison
  • ssid
  • p2p
  • ping
  • latency
  • Ad-Hoc
  • ad-hoc network
  • wpa_cli
  • dhcp
  • Internet delle cose
  • Build Peer-to-peer Android* apps with Intel® Common Connectivity Framework

    Intel® Common Connectivity Framework (Intel® CCF) is a framework designed to simplify the peer-to-peer connection between users on different devices. It works across modern operating systems (Windows*/Android/iOS*) with smart management for all wired or wireless transport layers (Ethernet*, Wi-Fi*, Bluetooth*, Wi-Fi-Direct*, etc.). All network transport layers under the application level are made transparent to developers, so developers can focus on the user interface and software experience design.

  • CCF Framework
  • cross-platform connectivity
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • background service
  • Back from HP Discover 2011

    A few months back I had the really great privilege to be invited as a speaker to HP Discover 2011 to chat about Intel vPro and how to connect it to social networks using peer-to-peer technologies. The conference was in Las Vegas at the venetian hotel and last week I went and had a wonderful time. I gave two hands-on labs, 2 hours each. HP went thru a lot of trouble to equip the lab with 48 Intel vPro laptops for people to get real life experience with the technologies.

    Iscriversi a Peer-to-Peer