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Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) Start Here Guide


This document contains information that aids developers in getting started with implementing Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). It provides an overview of the features in various versions of Intel® AMT, as well as information on minimum system requirements, how to configure an Intel® AMT client, and the various developer tools that are available to help program for Intel® AMT.

AMT 9.x Start Here Guide

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  • Updated: Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) Start Here Guide

    I just wanted to let everyone (who is intersted) know that I have updated the Intel AMT Start Here Guide to include information on Intel AMT release 8 to go along with the platform launch.

    As this document is one of our most often viewed articles on our Community, if you have any thoughts about improvements or additions, I would love to hear them.

    Multiple Approaches to Multithreaded Applications


    The different means of building multithreaded applications have been a source of some debate. Some developers think the traditional method-using locks-is best, while others are proponents of avoiding the use of locks entirely. Though the different camps each have their points, here are the basics of the different methods, along with an attempt to outline their respective pros and cons.

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  • A Library Based Approach to Threading for Performance

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    Download "A Library Based Approach to Threading for Performance" [PDF 78KB]


    Libraries play an important role in threading software to run faster on Intel multi-core platforms.

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  • Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
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  • Transitioning Software to Future Generations of Multi-Core

    The industry shift to increasing levels of hardware parallelism through higher numbers of execution cores in mainstream processors requires change on the part of software makers. One key requirement is to look ahead to the hardware resources that are likely to be available in the future and to make appropriate architectural decisions in advance to accommodate them. This paper contributes to the discussion about planning for those developments.

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