Fast Color Conversion Using Streaming SIMD Extensions and MMXT Technology

Datatype color conversions are a common requirement in 3-D application pipelines. In a simple lighting scheme, these conversions happen at least once per color channel, red, green, blue (R, G, B) per vertex, and in a more realistic lighting scheme, such values are often calculated multiple times for different light components. Color conversion from single-precision floating point values to integer values is typically done by using simple casts, for example intvalR = (int)fpvalR; where intval is an integer and fpval a singleprecision floating point number.

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  • 12,000 IPP Functions! Where to begin? (part 1)

    Your first encounter with the Intel® IPP library can be overwhelming, due to the number of functions contained within. At Intel we sometimes even "proudly" make statements like "over 12,000 functions in 16 domains" in our marketing literature!

    Don't be overwhelmed by such chest-beating marketing statements! (Not that many engineers ever would take them seriously.)

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