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Code Samples for Detection of System GPU, Battery Mode, and Windows* 8 On-screen Keyboard in Unity*

Download the Intel® Toolkit from the Unity* Asset Store for code samples to help you display Windows native mode touch and touch feedback visuals, use the on-screen keyboard in Windows* 8 with Unity*, and find the device's current battery mode and its GPU type.
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  • Intel® TBB 1-minute feature intro videos

    Intro videos to commonly used features

    This video series contains several one-minute long videos introducing some of the most useful features within Intel TBB such as the concurrent_queue and concurrent_vector containers, the parallel_for algorithm and the malloc_proxy library. Utilizing these features can help C++ developers take advantage of multi-core architecture and greatly improve performance on multi-threaded applications.

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  • Timer Utility

    Why this Timer Utility Class CUtilTimer?

    Timing a code snippet is an important part of performance analysis and tuning. There is not, however, a unique API or timer utility that works across Microsoft* Windows*, Linux*, and OS X*, which makes it difficult to maintain an application which runs on all three platforms. This timer class is designed to get around this problem by providing a common interface and hiding the platform specific implementations of extracting timing information from the programmer.


    This section contains the following utility classes:

    Name Description
    Timer Utility Utility class written in C++ that can be used to measure performance.
    Supported platforms: Windows*, Linux* and OS X*.
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