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Thread Parallelism Using Cilk Notation for C/C++

Getting top performance out of  modern processors requires both SIMD and thread  parallelism.   Intel® Cilk Plus is an easy way to express both.   My first blog covered the SIMD part.   This blog explains the thread part.


As outlined in the first blog, fork-join and SIMD parallelism can be combined to solve a computational problem:

SIMD Parallelism using Array Notation

Are you a C or C++ programmer who has ever envied APL or Fortran 90's array expressions?   Read on.  If you don't know what array expressions are, then you really should read on, to find out what you should have envied.  In any case, the envy is over, because  Intel Parallel Composer 2011 brings array expressions to C and C++.

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