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Comic Director - Smarter Web Apps with Powerful New JavaScript APIs

The introduction of HTML5 has led to exciting new advances in web development, particularly in the way developers establish the structure and foundational elements of web applications. The evolution of JavaScript has brought equally exciting changes to the way developers bring life to these applications.  Applications such as Comic Director are able to behave like native ones, largely in part due to powerful new JavaScript APIs.

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  • Dynamically load javascript with load completion notification

    Here's a javascript function to dynamically load javascript into a page and get a notification (callback) when the script is done loading.

    I used to use the good 'ol window.onload handler - but I've found that this way is better as the Web APIs we're building need to dynamically add scripts to the page that is embedding them and know when the script is done loading!

    The main advantage :

    HTML5 offline web apps - code experiments with several browsers

    Last week I was discussing HTML5 offline web app features with some coworkers and I realized it was time to play around with a bit of code.
    You can always support your points in a geek discussion by pop'n open a big ol can o whup'code right? Until someone brings out the newclear option! Thank you, I'm here all week ;)

    Okay - my goal was to get a some first hand experience with the code and then run it in several different browsers. I chose the browsers listed below because they are available on a variety of client device types and operating systems.

    Iscriversi a web apps