Photo Management and Geo-tags in use

On a recent trip (house hunting in AZ) I had occasion to take hundreds of pictures of homes.  I used my GPS to embed the geo-tag information into the images as mentioned in this blog (Photo Management – Geo Tags update).  This real-world example of using the GPS and geo-tagged images shows how useful the information can be to help with your post-trip analysis of the data.

Photo Management with your Computer. Part 2

Photo management starts when I import the files onto my system.  I use a photo importer by Adobe that came with Photoshop Elements.  When I insert a media card it detects the images and brings up a dialog notifying me that images were found.  I Select Elements 6.0 and start the download.  When I first setup the importer I specified the directory where I want my files and also have it add information such as my name and copyright.  I have that information added directly into the EXIF portion of the file so that it remains with the
Iscriversi a EXIF