OpenSolaris and Xeon Processors #10 - Turbo Mode

Here's the latest video in the series I am doing on OpenSolaris and Intel Xeon processors. This is about an exciting feature called "Turbo Mode" we have available in our new Intel Core Microarchitecture (aka "Nehalem"). I also give props to the community work on the "Power Aware Dispatcher" which should make use of the feature. It's only 5 minutes long, and I make reference to Amdahl's Law, which is of course a highlight of any video! (Shameless plug follows: As usual, if you run the clip all the way through to the end, it counts as a view for statistical purposes).

OpenSolaris and Intel Video - Keeping Drivers under Control

One of the cool things we have added to OpenSolaris recently is a capability which strengthens the whole foundation of stability on which the OS and processor rests. It does this by addressing one of chronic weak links of any operating system. I'm very excited by this work, and hope you enjoy it!

On the aesthetics of this clip, we changed the color scheme of the background (I think it looks like some dream sequence from Twin Peaks, if you ever watched that).

Iscriversi a Solaris