Intel's Virtualization for Directed I/O (a.k.a IOMMU) Part 1

IOMMU's or Input/Output Memory Management Unit is a new entrant to the x86 world. This is something which has existed in the risc based systems for quite some time. You can get a brief introduction on the concept of what an IOMMU is all about from the

Basically an IOMMU brokers any DMA request on behalf of an IO device translating IO virtual address much the same way as the processor MMU complex performs translation of a virtual address to physical address.

Sun + Intel + OpenSolaris + 2 Years = The Year of Core

Today is the second anniversary of the Sun and Intel joint agreement to optimize the Solaris operating system for Intel Xeon processors. Like last year, when I wrote this summary of our work, I decided to recap where we are to date.

Like last year’s edition, this is pretty much off the top of my head.

Iscriversi a IOMMU