Does Fragmentation Spell The End For Indie Developers? No, And Here’s Why

A report issued this week by Flurry offered some intriguing figures on the fragmented marketplace developers have to deal with in order to get their apps out.  Here’s just one sobering stat: in order to reach just 80 percent of the devices in Flurry’s data, developers would have to deal with 156 different devices. How about just aiming for 60 percent? You’re looking at 37 different devices for which to account for.

Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 2: Demos, proof of concept, and visual effects

Week 2 of the Ultimate Coder Challenge is now behind us, and quite frankly, it’s amazing that we’re only at week 2 with the amount of progress that has been made: playable demos, workable frameworks, and actual renderings of 3D/perceptual computing technology in action have all been presented this week.  Here’s what our challengers have been up to:


Low Power Audio Playback - Windows* Store app


One of the use cases for tablets with Intel® Atom™ processors and Microsoft Windows 8* is low-power audio playback. This capability allows users to continue listening to music after the device enters a low-power state commonly referred to as Connected Standby. Connected Standby is an Always On Always Connected scenario implemented in Microsoft Windows and manifest through the new Intel Atom S0ix low-power states.

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