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Parallel Programming Community Manager Kathy Farrel and Master of the Parallel Universe Clay Breshears attended Supercomputing (SC) 10 in November, 2010. This page contains links to videos filmed there. These links appeared previously on the PP Community.
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  • More Parallelism: Congratulations to Microsoft on their Visual Studio 2010 launch

    Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 development environment has, for the first time, several new parallelism capabilities built-in.  Combined with Intel® Parallel Studio, I think it is reasonable to say that Windows has the richest and most complete set of tools for multicore programming.  Microsoft has worked with Intel and others, to help tools from both companies interoperate well, and provide a well conceived set of key capabilities for other tools as well.

    Parallel Programming Talk #50 - Listener Juan asks, "What language should I study to develop multi core algorithms and applications?"

    Hello Parallel Programers & Intel Software Partners, I'm Aaron Tersteeg
    Welcome to Episode 50 of Parallel Programming Talk
    Joining me again is Dr. Clay Breshears

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