SVG Filters - Putting Pieces Together

The construction of SVG Filters is one of those subjects that's great to study, because it never seems to end. There are dozens of primitives, attributes and features to delve into, and even after that I find I need to review my linear algebra skills and remember how to multiply matrices to take full advantage of the wondrous possibilities available.

Of course, you don't need to understand all the details to make good use of them. There are a lot of examples that may be tweaked with relative ease to get a desired result, but there are still some basics that are helpful.

Roll Your Own Filtered SVG

Sure, I know that SVG can be used to make straight lines, smooth curves and shapes. It's great for diagrams, icons and math textbooks, but what has it done for me lately? OK, I know that if I were a sufficiently talented artist with the right tools, I could produce an SVG like tiger.svg, but that's a big if.

ViewBox - A Window Into The Soul Of SVG

I like to think of myself as a geek in the sense that I like to understand how things work. This is true of physical things, like quadcopters and 3d printers, but being a software guy it's even more true of software. Thus, when I first started playing with SVG files, I wasn't primarily interested in using gui drawing programs, I wanted to put all the pieces together myself and see what works and what doesn't. So, in case this is the sort of thing that interests you, I'm going to delve into the details a bit.

SVG - Turtles All The Way Down

Decades ago, back before HTML, WYSIWYG word processors, even before I started using TeX, I had the joy of creating documents using something called TROFF (pronounced Tee-Roff, with the emphasis on the Tee). It produced reasonably nice looking documents and it wasn't too hard to use for simple text.In fact, man pages were generally written for its close cousin, NROFF, which was used for documents that were limited to fixed width fonts,as in a console terminal or a printing on the most common types of printers at the time, but I digress.

Лабораторная работа № 7 «Работа с графикой и интернационализация»

О. Н. Граничин, В.И. Кияев, А.В. Корявко, С.А. Леви, К.С. Амелин, Е.И. Антал, В.И. Васильев,

Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет, Математико-механический факультет,
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