A Windows* Store App Case Study – Recording Audio Notes and Playback for Healthcare (C#)

I’d like to share a useful example for recording audio in a Windows Store App.  Particularly, I will present an app that targets the enterprise healthcare sector.  Audio recordings can enable doctors to “attach” speech to notes for patients.  This aides doctors in the event that if their hands are occupied, they can simply use voice to make a recording or play it back with a single button click.  Also, when a doctor’s working with many patients, on-the-fly dictation makes it easier to track accurate medical records.  Thus, recorded notes serve as a great addendum to the traditional ke - Down to Buisness

A few minutes ago I finished taping shows for upcoming episodes of "Down To Buisness", a Intel community show about buisness technologies including Intel AMT and the like. The studio was booked for 3 hours but we managed to finish taping in 2, mostly single takes which was great. The footage will be edited and released in the coming weeks or months. I will make sure to blog about it when the shows get released.

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