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“Why should I update GCC x86 compiler?” or “GCC compiler performance on Intel® Atom™ from version to version”

      I’ll try to figure out what is new for Intel® Atom™ architecture in new versions of GCC and how this affects performance and code size on the well-known EEMBC® CoreMark®  benchmark:

      The chart below shows CoreMark performance results for base and peak option sets on various GCC versions relative to GCC 4.4.6 base performance (higher is better):

GCC x86 code size optimizations

      The time when programmers did their best to minimize an application code size have gone. The root cause is in significantly increased memory and hard drive sizes on PCs during past several years. The only exceptions are programmers writing code for embedded systems. They usually have tasks like: “You need to develop the particular algorithm. Your program should fit N bytes and use not more than N bytes of memory”. Today phones and tablets move programmers “back to the future”?

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