haptic technology

Making Touch More Realistic: Advances in Haptic Technology

Haptic technology revolves around creating a new kind of user interface that better connects our sense of touch with the form factors we use every day: smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. We get a brief glimpse of the possibilities that haptic technology offers when our phone vibrates in our pockets, letting us know that we’ve received a text message, or with the rumbling sensation we get from console game controllers.

Touch Mechanics: Haptic Technology and Perceptual Computing

Our sense of touch is vitally important. It’s involved in literally every interaction we have. When it comes to human-computer interaction, touch is especially important, especially as touch-enabled input controls and interactive experiences make our computing experiences ever more tactile. As more and more devices are adapting touch-enabled features, controls, and form inputs to satisfy consumers’ ever-growing appetite for tactile input, we’re seeing new advances from a wide variety of fields.

Haptic technology

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