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Innovation, Convenience, and Access: A quick look at six apps

There’s no question: apps and the mobile ecosystem in general are completely changing how we interact with the world. Think that statement is a bit bold? Think back ten years ago to what you would need to take on a family camping trip to Yellowstone Park: a bundle of maps, a camera, a separate video camera, CD player, flash light, paper to write on, books to read, DVDs to watch…now, you only need a tablet or smartphone to accomplish everything that all these devices did separately, and more.

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How Shopping Apps Are Changing the Consumer Landscape

I have a dog with very picky eating habits.  He also has some pretty severe skin allergies that will flare up if he gets food with the “wrong” ingredients in it. On a recommendation from a friend who has decades of experience in pet nutrition, we bought him some new food – and overnight (literally), his skin allergies cleared up and he gobbled up his food twice a day with very little prompting.

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