Linker File on Purchase of Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Windows


We have recently procured Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Windows OS - Floating Commercial 5 sts (ESP). On its purchase, we were allowed to download 2 files, that were

1. Server License Manager

2. w_fcompxe_novsshell_2013_sp1.2.176.exe (installation setup file)

We have succesfully installed Server License Manager in a server system and installation setup file in user system. We have noticed that there is no linker file with the product.

Please, suggest use how can we get the linker file.


About ~/intel/ism/rm


I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for the question.

Why is the ~/intel/ism/rm directory created whenever I run the ifort command, even if, during installation, I did choose not to participate in the improvement program?




Number of licenses required for MKL?


After getting the evaluation license of MKL working, we're trying to determine how many MKL licenses are required for our system setup. We would only be using MKL through R, so after R is built with MKL, I don't think we would not be directly calling MKL routines. R can create a shared library ( that links to the MKL .so files.

No Inverse Error function?

The Fortran Math library has ERF for the error function, but I have not been able to find the Inverse.

Its a statistical function based upon the Gaussian Normal distribution.


Strangely enough, it does exist for VECTOR ELEMENTS, but I don't see why they would not

include it for regular usage. Every other math library on other processors has this function.

If it is in the library, searching for it produces no results.

How do we use vector elements - what are they referring to?


(in case I get desperate)



I am numerically solving Poisson equation using Poisson Solver Routines . The equation has both Neumann and periodic boundary conditions. These boundary condition will go into the parameter 'BCtype.'  In my code, the library seems to not allow me to solve Poisson equation with periodic boundary condition. After I run my code, I received this error message:


Crash when Capturing Frame


applications that are started through Intel GPA Monitor (2014 R2) seem to crash when capturing a frame when it has a draw call that writes to a unordered access view (UAV) of a structured buffer (DirectX 11). Draw calls that only read from these buffers seem to not crash. Tested by capturing a Frame from the exact same scene without the Pass that renders to the structured buffer.

Pure virtual functional call

Hi. We are using QSV h.264 decoder in our product to decode several streams simultaneously (in joined sessions).

At some point, message box pops up which says "R6025 - pure virtual functional call" when inside MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync call.

This happens with libmfxhw64.dll file version Is this a known issue and how it can be avoided?

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