lost connection after micflash


I have a brand new Intel Phi 5110P installed in my workstation. Afer I installed MPSS-3.1, I ran "micflash -update -device all -smcbootloader" based on the installation instruction. However, the micsmc always report error mesaage such as "lost connection" and "no turbo mode support" after flash.Then I tried to reflash but always got "ERROR: micflash: mic0: SMC update failed: SMC buffer size exceeded (0x1)". Even after I unpluged the system power for a minute, the situation was unchanged. By the way, I always keep the mpss daemon off when I ran "micflash".

Vtune pause/resume API supported on Phi?

I’m following these instructions for calling the Vtune pause/resume API from Fortran:

but when I link I get:

api_fortran_itt.o: In function `fortran_itt_resume_':
api_fortran_itt.c:(.text+0x4): undefined reference to `__itt_resume_ptr__3_0'
api_fortran_itt.o: In function `fortran_itt_pause_':
api_fortran_itt.c:(.text+0x24): undefined reference to `__itt_pause_ptr__3_0'

Perform Predictive Analytics and Interactive Queries on Big Data

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  • Cannot udpate the flash/smc the mpss 3.1

    In the readme of mpss 3.1, it mentioned that the flash should be updated otherwise might encounter stranage problem.

    Then I tried to update my mic card, but it failed to update SMC and then get into 'failed resetting'  status.  What I can do to solve this issue?

    micflash -getversion -device 0
    mic0: Flash read started
    mic0: Read done
    mic0: Version:
    mic0: Transitioning to ready state

    New Compiler Bug was introduced for MIC offload

    When using the latest Intel C++ compiler 14.0 SP1 Update 1, i noticed that a new bug was introduced for MIC offload code.

    When compiling code that is just intended for MIC and that does not work on the host (e.g. code that uses MIC intrinsics), one can mark that code as

    #ifdef __MIC__

    .... C++ intrinsics code


    However, when doing this in a .cpp file so that the host code contains nothing, also the MIC code is not generated.

    Porting MIC code to AVX512

    With the latest C++ compiler 14.0 SP1, Update 1 it is now possible to use the Intel compiler to port code from MIC to AVX512.

    When starting to port code to AVX512, i noticed that some functionality that was available on MIC could be missing.

    For example on MIC i could gather 8 or 16 bit data and upconvert this into an integer, e.g. for signed 16 bit integer data

    _mm512_i32extgather_epi32(aIndexVector, aArray, _MM_UPCONV_EPI32_SINT16, _MM_SCALE_2, _MM_HINT_NONE);

    When trying to porting this to AVX512 i was not able to achieve exacly the same with the new ISA..

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