My Experiences at IDF 2015 as a Black Belt Developer: 3-D Printing

Another set of booths and activities that I found engaging were those that concerned 3-D printing. I do not own nor have I used a 3-D printer, though I did sit through a 90 min class at the HacKid Conference with my daughter a couple of years ago. That 3-D printer was a small home hobbyist printer and the lab reeked with several less than healthy chemical smells including acetone. Nevertheless, my daughter asked for one for Christmas (which we did not get her) along with a Raspberry Pi (which we did).

clEnqueueWriteBuffer does not finish before Kernel


in my program I am doing several 

clEnqueueWriteBuffer(queue, pDeviceMem, CL_FALSE, 0, mySize, pMyObject, 0, nullptr, nullptr);

before a kernel launch, and expect these operations to finish before the kernel starts.

I am running an In-order queue. However about 50% of the kernel launches don't get the values that should have been entered by clEnqueueWriteBuffer. 
If I set the "blocking flag" to CL_TRUE, the behaviour is as expected. Also on NVidia HW the behaviour is OK when running non-blocking buffer writes.

Ускорение разработки приложений мультимедиа с помощью Visual Coding Framework

Intel® Corporation has just introduced a new revolutionary Intel® INDE beta feature Called Visual Coding Framework (VCF). VCF empowers developers with a high productivity and performance option for creation of visual computing centric applications via a drag and drop graph framework. This graph framework exposes simple but powerful access to many media capabilities using a range of end to end functional components. VCF features a visual design paradigm using flow graphs and delivers a runtime and SDK which supports execution on both GPU and CPU. Developers can design and prototype fully functional Android* or Windows* (or both) media workloads using the VCF Designer user interface.

IoT for babies - and parents!

I am back from a generous 8-months parental leave, courtesy of Intel and the government of Germany. During this time, I was much less active in trying out technology than I thought I would. As most first time parents, I overestimated my future availability for much else. I did some testing, but besides time I would like to have had budget to do more. There are plenty of technology available for parents, with many IoT products that are around since before IoT was really this big thing. Caring for a new baby is a sensitive time for parents, and it is a relief to rely on technology to inform us and give some peace of mind. Not surprising, two out of ten Make It Wearable finalists in 2014 were projects directed at this area. This year, several wearables and devices intended for infants where showcased at CES. And as in any upcoming technology, there is market for more: more products or better versions of existing products. Some products are thought for other areas and parents find out they are great for parenting. Others are designed to help parents but the usability isn’t where it could be. So here is a collection of products that I tested and what I would like to have tested. Maybe you can create a better version of some of them with Intel technology. :)

The Best of Both Worlds: Bringing Back the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications

Earlier this year, Intel made the decision to integrate OpenCL™ support into two software development suites: Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) and Intel® Media Server Studio. At the time, we decided to provide the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications under a new name: Intel® OpenCL™ Code Builder. OpenCL support at Intel has long-been mainstream, so integrating Intel® OpenCL™ Code Builder into Intel's tool suites for developers made sense.

Introduzione alla serie di processori SoC (nome in codice “SoFIA”) Intel® Atom™ x3


Il 2 marzo 2015, durante il Mobile World Congress a Barcellona, Spagna, fra gli altri Intel ha annunciato l'introduzione della serie di processori Intel® Atom™ x3, la prima piattaforma di comunicazione integrata di Intel. Precedentemente chiamato in codice “SoFIA”, la serie di processori Intel® Atom™ x3 è un SoC con processore Intel Atom a 64 bit e modem baseband cellulare integrato per smartphone, phablet e tablet. Il SoC sarà disponibile in versione 4G LTE e 3G.

Collegamento a Intel® Edison da Android* con Bluetooth* LE (BLE)


L'uso della comunicazione Bluetooth* LE (BLE) sta vivendo un boom sia nei prodotti commerciali che in ambito hobbystico, principalmente grazie al costo ridotto e ai requisiti energetici minimi. Tutto ciò lo rende un'ottima scelta quando si desidera comunicare dal proprio telefono o tablet Android* verso i progetti Intel® Edison o Intel® Galileo.

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  • About Intel OpenVX SDK seen in Khronos site..


    just know that OpenCL site may not be best place to ask.. please move to correct subforum..

    just saw Nvidia Tegra X1 Jetson board with VisionWorks and seeing Khronos OpenVX conformance site I see that Intel has "OpenVX SDK for Intel(R) Core(TM) and Intel(R) Atom (TM)"  approved so..

    I would like to have access even in beta from.. can you share some ETA?

    also Nvidia implementation seems using CUDA and GPU accelerated is OpenVX Intel implementation using iGPU via OpenCL? if not using AVX 2 from CPU?




    Quickly get supported PMU events in system when using VTune Amplifier XE 2016 Update 1

    We know that user can check document of VTune(TM) Amplifier XE to know supported events for any specific Intel(R) processor. Another way, on GUI if user modifies any existing event-based analysis to add/remove event(s), the combo-list box displays all supported events for current running system, I talk about getting all supported events quickly in command line, regarding that some users have no graphic user interface (X11 libraries are not installed on Linux*).

    For Early version, for example version 2015 Update 2 -

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