Microsoft Windows* 8.x

f03 array allocation

IVF 16 compiles the following code with 0 errors, 0 warnings,

program main
    implicit none
      integer:: i
      real, allocatable:: a(:)
      real:: c(5) = [(i, i = 1,5)]
     a = c     !   allocation F03   
     print *, '  array a has ', size(a), ' elements:'
     print *, a

end program main

The output is that the array has 0 elements and of course no values. Apparently the F03 style allocation in the assignment statement a=c does not work as it should.

The program runs correctly with 2 other compilers.

Fortran subroutine

Greetings to all,

I'm a Msc student,

I have a fortran subroutine to compute the non linear behavior of a material, however it must be changed a little in order to be compatible with the UMAT.  but i don't have enough knowledge in fortran programing

Can anyone help me with this.

The subroutine file is attached.

Thank you 

Which compile options to use (so others can run the EXE)

I got a program to compile and sent the EXE to a friend and when he tried to run it, an error pops up saying libifcoremd.dll is missing and to try reinstalling. I had a similar problem a while back and it turned out I had to select a different library.  I'll try to put in a screen shot of the options.


Any ideas on which of the library options would be best when sending an EXE to someone?  He said something about he statically links their windows programs.


Mysterious DEBUG issue

My understanding is that when I get an out-of-range subscript it is supposed to put me in the routine

where that occurred so I can look at variables in the same routine.

What is actually does: is put the little blue arrow in a place that has NOTHING to do with the routine,

so I cannot look at any variable in the routine. The call stack is completely wrong as well, so I cant use that either.

how to prevent Windows going to sleep ?


I am an old FORTRAN developper working nowadays with young engineers. We all have laptops but, for some ununderstandable safety reason, Win7 goes to sleep mode after 15 minutes and we have no access to this parameter in 'configuration panel'. I am working on a 'long' app about 6 hours. When I work on the PC, it's ok but I can't go to eat or, worst, I can't test a new version during night.

In the app, I tried to create 'dummy' files on the HDD every now and then but in vain.

Running LAPACK

I want to get LAPACK running with Intel Fortran using Visual Studio to develop fortran applications. I am unable to link to LAPACK libraries when I write Fortran code. I wrote a simple progran that calls the LAPACK routine dgemsv, and I have used the project properties to specify lapack libraries locations and lib names. I get error 11018 twice and fatal link error LNK1181. I searched the web for a solution, and found that I should run CMAKE. This software gives error "Package 'IFLangServicePackage' failed to load".

error#6405 for debug mode, not for release mode

Dear Sir(s),

I have been using Intel® Composer XE for Windows* (formerly Intel® Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Windows*).

My college has used a newer version of your compiler, and we worked on the same code. When I got the code back from him this time, I can compile it successfully with release mode, but failed with the debug mode.

The first error is:

3 Questions Every Game Developer Should Ask Before they Begin Developing

In January we brought the Intel® Buzz Workshop series to Montreal for the first time. Montreal in January? YES! It was cold (for those of us from Oregon) but it was amazing! We partnered with IGDA Montreal to host our event during the day before their 10th Annual Demo Night.

O renascimento de um dos jogos brasileiros mais tradicionais através da tecnologia

Em tempos remotos, quando a tecnologia ainda não reinava em nosso dia-a-dia, muitos dos nossos hábitos mais comuns eram totalmente diferentes do que são hoje em dia. Até as brincadeiras de infância eram de uma outra forma. Bastava-se apenas alguns amigos e uma boa imaginação, para que a brincadeira do dia estivesse criada. Quem nunca se imaginou um jogador famoso da seleção, jogando a grande final do campeonato mundial? Muitos desses jogos tinham uma torcida fervorosa e os olhos atentos… em uma mesa de futebol botão.

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  • Modeless Dialog Create Fails

    I constructed my RC file in Visual Studio 2013, but I developed my .f90 files outside of VS once they were created in VS as a fram for an SDI file. I am trying to create something like the Angle project with a dialog as the main window and perform graphics in the SDI framework. My dialog styles are exactly as the main dialog in Angle. The RC compiles my rc-file with no warnings or errors. I'm using:

    Intel(R) Visual Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20150815
    My build gives no warnings nor errors as:

    Iscriversi a Microsoft Windows* 8.x